Someday soon, passengers may find themselves travelling in aircraft that look nothing like the ones seen on today’s runways and helipads. At Airbus, we are testing new and exciting configurations that have the potential to deliver real environmental performance benefits and to improve the passenger experience.

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This game-changing “blended wing body” design could generate up to 20% less fuel burn compared to current single-aisle models with the same engine. The exceptionally spacious layout also opens up the design space, enabling the possible integration of various other types of propulsion systems.



This helicopter demonstrator’s advanced design means it will be 10-15% more efficient than standard helicopters. It has the potential to reach speeds of 400 Km/h, which is significantly faster than standard helicopters.


Future Combat Air System (FCAS)

Shaping the future of air power

This European defence programme aims to connect the next-generation fighter aircraft to other aerial vehicles through a system-of-systems approach.

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European premiere: Airbus-led large-scale flight demo teams up fighters, a helicopter and drones
In Europe’s first large-scale multi-domain flight demo led by Airbus, two fighter jets, one helicopter and five unmanned remote carriers teamed up and accomplished a mission that could occur in real-life situations. The Future Combat Air System (FCAS) Manned-Unmanned Teaming Demonstrator project will now move to the next phase: further paving the way for FCAS by developing a flying remote carrier (RC) demonstrator in the coming years.
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For Air Defenders - Airbus Defence and Space produces 2,000th target drone
For more than 20 years, Air Defenders around the world have been training with Airbus Defence and Space target drones - ensuring that their countries' air defences work when it counts. Airbus' Target Systems & Services has now produced its 2,000th drone in Friedrichshafen.
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Key milestones achieved in Manned-Unmanned Teaming for future air power
The ability to task unmanned systems from a manned aircraft is an important force multiplier in Airbus’ vision for future air power, with a wide range of applications extending to combat scenarios and beyond.
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