A Direct Receiving Station (DRS) provides a direct access to the Airbus Earth observation satellite constellation.

Our modular and secure turnkey solutions comprise:

  • The infrastructure, i.e. the antenna to receive the telemetry from the satellites,
  • A terminal to process telemetry into image products, and
  • A data management system to display and distribute the data.

We also provide training, customer support services as well as technical assistance and maintenance.

Thus you can manage the entire satellite image production chain including tasking, acquisition, reception and distribution. You benefit from unparalleled coverage at special prices, with reactivity in tasking and download for our SPOT, Pléiades, Radar Constellation and very soon our Pléiades Neo satellites.

Currently our network of Direct Receiving Stations consists of 26 partners around the globe.

For more information please visit: https://www.intelligence-airbusds.com/imagery/drs/



Global chain of anchor stations ensuring you remain connected

Our teleports are located worldwide, are fully redundant and manned 24/7 to provide our customer global coverage

Not all customers who have a requirement for satellite communications have the necessary teleport, backhaul and anchoring support infrastructure. We can offer teleport services at its secure sites to all customers to meet this demand.

Our teleports have many antennas which provide redundancy of key resources, while sharing the benefits of expert staff, security and power, with large generators and UPS facilities. Critically teleports support large antennas which optimise links budgets, reducing overall service costs. The teleports provide the link between the satellite constellation and terrestrial networks for reliable end-to-end connectivity at the highest service levels.




Our terminal portfolio offers the best fit for your mission and domain

Recognising that your operations today are across many different domains, each with different requirements for data, voice or both, Airbus brings a comprehensive satcom terminal portfolio to cover all your domains, including solutions to be used On-the-Move (COTM/SOTM). We partner with only the best in class terminal manufacturers as well as investing in our own technology for air (AirPatrol and Janus) applications.




The backbone of effective satellite communications

We have designed, delivered and operate some of the world’s most secure military network management systems including the UK’s Skynet 5 system, Germany’s SATCOMBw, Yahsat’s system and more recently have been awarded to provide France’s first digital military ultra-fast broadband satellite communications system, COMCEPT, for Athena-Fidus.

Airbus are experts in designing, developing, installing and managing custom management systems and hardware for government, military and commercial users across the globe and as experts we know that the backbone of a satellite communications network is an effective network management and orchestration system.



Connecting our customers in the harshest of environments with terrestrial solutions

Our wireless and radio networks allow you to maintain communications in the harshest of environments and when satellite services are not an option. We use a range of commercial wireless technology, including LTE (long-term evolution), to address your large fixed sites or for when you are ‘on the move’.  Our agile solution is also 5G ready, enabling wireless cells to be provided in a wider range of deployed environments.




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