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Rafael is Head of Services Sales Leasing Markets.

Meet Rafael

A passion for aviation

"If aviation is your passion then Airbus is definitely the place to be as we work to create a better, safer and more connected world. "

Rafael is Head of Services Sales Leasing Markets.

The most important thing for me is that we have a very clear purpose and mission as a company. If aviation is your passion then Airbus is definitely the place to be as we work to create a better, safer and more connected world and Airbus has already had such a positive impact in society. We can be proud of our work, whenever you see an aircraft taking off or landing you feel that pride’’ says Rafael who is currently working in Germany.

Rafael joined the Airbus family in 2012 as an intern in the customer services team in Toulouse. He has been able to experience many different roles and locations whilst working with Airbus, his background is as an Aerospace Engineer and he started in more technical roles in engineering. He first one being a customer services role within the structures division then he ran several improvement projects on the Flight Test Installation of theA350 flight test aircraft. Afterwards he moved to Germany to take up a role in cabin procurement, starting as a purchasing manager on the A350 programme before being promoted to commodity leader in the same team which meant leading a team of purchasing managers and buyers for the whole Airbus aircraft portfolio.

A professional development in the commercial environment.

One of Rafael’s best memories from his time at Airbus was when he and his team were invited, at 5am, to help out some of the shop floor workers to install some flight test cabin systems on the A350 prototype aircraft as they were working under a tight schedule. ‘After this we had breakfast with croissants and coffee to celebrate our small contribution to the team in this challenging moment! These are the sort of experiences that I remember!’

Now in the sales department, Rafael is leading the Service Sales team for Leasing markets. ‘I wanted to continue my professional development in the commercial environment close to our customers which is why my next move was to work with the sales team. The first deal that I ever sold even though it was, in the grand scheme of things, a small deal will always be one that I will remember!’

Outside of work, Rafael pursues many passions. ‘Running is something that even if you are travelling you can do anywhere - you just need your shoes and you can go. I have been running for 5 or 6 years and I run marathons aiming to complete the marathon in under 3 hours with a current personal best of 3h02’31’’ in Hamburg.’

Rafael has enjoyed piloting since 2015 and likes to fly planes several times a year. Another passion is volunteering and he is the president of an NGO called Fly Beyond Dreams, which aims to combine education, aviation and technology to motivate kids from underprivileged environments to achieve their dreams and has so far reached, with the whole team, around 1,500 children.

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