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Meet Patricia

Inclusion & Diversity Leader for DisAbility Mission

“At Airbus, the way we act and behave is as important as what we produce and this resonates very much to me.”

Patricia is Inclusion & Diversity Leader for DisAbility Mission at Airbus Toulouse.

After she started her professional career in different sectors and graduated from the Pablo de Olavide University, Patricia joined Airbus in 2009. Since then, she has been working in several divisions, countries and functions, holding different types of roles from operational to strategic levels, always with the common driver of challenging the status quo while developing people and organizations to reach the excellence. “Putting my heart and soul into everything I do while being a values' driven person have been my key success factors in professional and personal life.

Despite Patricia was born in an underprivileged area of the south of Spain, she was very rich in terms of personal values, especially thanks to her mother. “My biggest role model and inspiration” – she says with pride. “Since I was a child, I remember her encouraging my sister and myself to do whatever we love in life, to work with passion, and keep an entrepreneurial mindset whilst remaining true to ourselves.” Having these kind of role models in everyone’s closest environment and society is key to develop sensitiveness towards inclusiveness, integrity and ethics as anchors in life. Probably because of this, Patricia has always been attracted by companies with a socially responsible model in their business. “In my view, it is the most sustainable way to overcome challenges. At Airbus, the way we act and behave is as important as what we produce and this resonates very much to me.” It was one of Patricia’s main reasons to join Airbus and after eleven years, she can still say how proud she is of being part of Airbus where inclusion, values and social responsibility are at its best.

“Having respect at the heart of my personal values, it is not by chance that I’ve been part of the Inclusion and Diversity team at Airbus for more than 2 years now.” In her current role as Inclusion & Diversity leader for (dis)Ability inclusion, Patricia enjoys everyday having the opportunity to contribute to the socially responsible role of Airbus in this field, as well as supporting differently abled employees in their day-to-day life, ensuring inclusive working environments. “I am a strong believer on the power of team working and inclusiveness in order to foster engagement, performance and success cross-organizations. I have experienced this many times during my professional career. A good illustration of it? The Ability Weeks campaign.”

During the two years Patricia has led the campaign and, with the support of the Inclusion & Diversity team and Airbus allies, she succeeded in developing the disability and inclusion vision from a corporate perspective to an employees’ engagement movement. With thousands of employees involved worldwide to the Ability Weeks, she could see that a real step change was happening from the ground and that she could be very proud of her team.

“Concretely this year, I was impressed to see many employees speaking up, sharing their experiences with other colleagues and developing their inclusive leadership skills, demonstrating once again what we stand for at Airbus. That is the real power of a diverse workforce acting for culture transformation, people development and performance, let’s move it forward!”

Patricia's career path at Airbus

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