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Meet Luca

Meet Luca


Luca works as a resource central controller for Airbus’ engineering organisation. He’s the focal point for all tasks related to resource management, including leading resource feasibility assessments.

Luca's career path at Airbus

Development, diversity, work-life balance and mobility

Seizing opportunities

Airbus is a goldmine of development opportunities, especially if you’re an engineer who’s open to them. In my own experience, after having followed the technical path for several years, I had the possibility to choose between pursuing more advanced teachings in my field or acquiring new skills. I chose finance!

It was learning-by-doing; how many other companies make this possible for their employees? I was able to improve not only my background but also my employability, which is something everyone should care about.

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Diversity: a pillar of success of Airbus

Diversity encompasses multiple skills and different points of view, resulting in a deeper cultural understanding. It’s surely one pillar upon which the success of a global company like Airbus is built. It’s also a key learning-enabler for me. In my daily work, I enjoy meeting with people from everywhere in the world; I’m Italian, I am located in France and I have direct colleagues from all over Europe. My team is spread between France and Germany, balanced in terms of gender, background and age. Every day, interacting with people who are different from us makes us smarter.

Mobility: moving out of your comfort zone with confidence

I first experienced mobility when moving from engineering to finance, as I wanted to get a wider understanding of the company’s business. This was not an easy step to make, but my manager, team and colleagues all played a significant role in smoothing my induction.

I look back at that time as a crucial move in my career because it provided me with the opportunity to move out of my comfort zone, giving me the confidence and the means to grow further.

Striking a balance

Nowadays, we are all asked to be flexible, work hard and maintain the right work-life balance. Although it’s a challenge, it is extremely important for our performance. As a manager, I try and strike a good balance in my own life and encourage my colleagues to do the same. I practice sports regularly, I take time for my family and try to create a work environment in which work-life balance is expected, enabled and supported.

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