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Julia is Chief Web Editor at Airbus Toulouse.

Meet Julia

Chief Web Editor

“At Airbus, I really enjoy having contact with colleagues from all over the world in my everyday life."

“At Airbus, I really enjoy having contact with colleagues from all over the world in my everyday life. I have always been a curious person, so having all those people from different cultures and nations come together even with the challenges that it brings, we still manage to achieve great things” says Julia from Toulouse.

During her Business Informatics studies, Julia joined the Airbus Family in 2006 as an intern at the Airbus Commercial Business line in Hamburg. “When I started working at Airbus I realized what a big company it is. Having so many opportunities in front of me and the chance to do so many different things, is really amazing and pushed me all the time.”

Indeed, Julia has worked in many different business sections so far. Initially, Julia started working in engineering where she did process management, while getting an insight into the lean and change management during her career at Airbus. In 2015, she became the Executive Assistant of the Head of Corporate Audit & Forensic in Toulouse. Afterwards, she spent some years within the Investor Relations department and was responsible for the communication with individual shareholders and the IR section on the Airbus website.

A passion for flight.

Julia is Chief Web Editor at Airbus Toulouse.

Today Julia works as Chief Web Editor at Airbus Toulouse. Within this role, she is, for example, overseeing and coordinating the production, editing and publishing of content for the corporate sections of our website. Therefore, she also has to ensure the implementation of our branding and style standards across the website pages. “You can have many different roles and no one really judges you on the fact that you change your career, because suddenly it’s not really changing my career, it’s just following my curiosity.”

As a woman interested in IT and engineering, Julia wants to encourage girls and women to consider a career at Airbus. “There are so many different job options in the technical area. You can switch over, be curious and push your limits. See Airbus as an opportunity, an opportunity to test something new and to grow.”

“I remember one particular moment when I decided I wanted to work for this company – it was when I saw the A380 for the first time in the hangar in Hamburg. I had the opportunity to look right into the cockpit window and because it wasn´t equipped yet, I could see how big this airplane is.  Knowing that it actually will take off - that hugely impressed me. So I decided that was the company I want to work for.”

Because of her passion for travelling and fascination for flying, she started her private pilot license last year. “That´s something I wouldn’t have done if I were not working for Airbus.”

Julia's career path at Airbus

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