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Meet Herve

Meet Herve

Plant General Manager Airbus Mexico

“I’ve always been truly passionate about aerospace since I was a kid. My family also influenced me: my uncle was a mechanical engineer in the Air Force and my cousin was a Helicopter pilot."

When Herve was a student, he had the opportunity to travel a lot during his summer breaks and working for humanitarian organisations. Those international experiences helped him to grow, but most importantly made him realise that he was a citizen of the world. By joining a worldwide group like Airbus, Herve was connecting the dots: fulfilling his passion for aerospace while working internationally.

At the end of his studies, Herve joined Airbus Helicopters in Mexico in a VIE programme, where he assisted the head of operations. That first experience has shaped his ambition and desire to become one day head of operations. After completing his VIE, he pursued his career at Airbus Helicopters in Marignane where he experienced different management position in the maintenance, repair and overhaul organization (MRO).

Herve discovered a real passion for providing support and services to civil and military customer operations in France and South America regions and decided to specialise in this field in order to become a real expert and boost his added value to Airbus in this domain.

"I believe it has been crucial for me to be surrounded by leaders with strong ethics and integrity."

“My managers were really influential throughout my career path. I had the chance to always work with great leaders, who believed in me, challenged me and pushed me outside of my comfort zone.”

Herve believes it has been crucial for him to be surrounded by leaders with strong ethics and integrity. Today, as a plant manager, he is trying to give back by inspiriring, mentoring and supporting all generations.

“I like to dedicate time in developing young talents. I try to transmit the Airbus values, the sense of responsibility, my expertise, but most importantly the behaviours needed to become future leaders. That’s also very important for me to identify their potential, empower them and provide them exposure to certain situations that will help them to grow.”

On top of his commitments and hard work, Herve believes that the most important thing is to stay worthy, authentic and to share one’s values, especially in tough times. “Professional success is a great thing, but at the end of your career, the relationships you’ve built with your partners, customers and colleagues matters the most.”

Outside of work, Herve enjoys practicing outdoor activities such as biking or hiking in the mountains, enabling him to reconnect with nature and enjoying beautiful unexplored landscapes. 

Herve's career path at Airbus

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