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Meet Hans

Meet Hans

Software design and IT

Hans is Head of Mission Support Products and Solutions. He and his team work on software that provides operational and technical support for air crew that enables them to better plan and prepare for their flights.

Hans's career path at Airbus

Diversity, mobility and passion

Diversity: one of the company's great treasures

Airbus is a global, diverse company, and all its divisions are composed of multi-national teams focused on competences (rather than building national silos). For example, my organisation is spread over three sites: two in Germany and one in Spain. All the cultural differences I experience with my French, Spanish, British and German colleagues help me to grow personally and to improve my international skills. Even if we are one Airbus, we are experiencing different cultures on each site: different people, mindsets, experiences and nationalities.

This diversity in our company is one of its biggest treasures, as it gives us so many different perspectives, opportunities and concrete ideas to grow and learn from one another – something very unique in the world.

"All the cultural differences I experience with my French, Spanish, British and German colleagues help me to grow."

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Airbus fosters personal growth

Since starting at Airbus, I’ve worked in international departments and projects and for international customers in a global network of partners and suppliers. The benefits for me are numerous. First, cultural awareness gives me a better understanding of differences and how they can help improve overall performance. Then, a growing global and cross-functional network allows me to get required information faster and to exchange with different perspectives on dedicated topics.

Additionally, my personal development is well supported through this international exchange. Airbus employees have access to a huge internal job market, a variety of development programs and specific trainings and conferences. I participated in a one-year leadership development program, for example, aiming at improving individual leadership skills and expanding the network inside Airbus. This amazing learning opportunity was not limited to the training content provided, but also included valuable feedback from my peers across the entire company.

"My personal development is well supported through this international exchange."

Passion is the main driver for choosing Airbus

I’ve been passionate about airplanes and helicopters ever since I was in school. Indeed, it was my main motivation for choosing Airbus as my employer. The company makes aircraft and helicopters that connect the world – they allow us to go anywhere on earth within hours! Isn’t that exciting? Most fascinating for me is how these heavy and huge planes manage to get into the air and how reliably they fly.

Every morning, when I arrive at my office in Manching, the first thing I see when I look out the window is our site’s runway. If I’m lucky, I can see one of our aircraft departing, flying around or arriving – and I know that my team has helped this aircraft to fly and helped prepare the crew for a safe flight. Is there a better start a workday?

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