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Meet Gaël

Team Leader of Audiovisual for Airbus Helicopters

“The interaction you can have with the Helicopters we produce is probably one of the most exciting aspects of my job. Watching them acting in the sky is priceless and makes you feel you are working for something concrete and essential.”

Gaël is Team Leader of Audiovisual for Airbus Helicopters, working in Marignane, near Marseille, in south of France. Among all his responsibilities, Gaël has to be the perfect listener, capable of managing complex and competing demands with multiple stakeholders, both internal and external. With the support of his team, he makes sure to deliver a variety of audiovisual supports including photo shootings, video recordings movie making for company’s website or social media, internal channels, operational support during corporate live events, international airshows or customer deliveries. 

“A client focused orientation is critical for my team to be successful – says Gaël – being a positive leader couldn't be possible without a team player mindset and effectiveness in resolving issues.” After graduation in Engineering for Information and Communications Technology, Gaël started his career at Airbus Helicopters in 2004, as Internet/Intranet Project Manager in charge of the company’s intranet, web project and digital change management. Rapidly after, he evolved to the position of Communication Advisor, then Protocols and Events Manager and working in the Brand Promotion department. He was appointed Head of Multimedia for Airbus Helicopters Division and supervising the Audiovisual Team activities at Airbus Group level in Toulouse. “What I enjoy most about my job is connecting with people from different countries and working in various fields. It feels good to share the same values, in line with a company that places innovative technology and passion at heart of what they do.”

“When I assist to a flight demonstration and see how my team brings the story to life, I realize the importance of having a good synergy with my colleagues.”

Behind the scenes of the Family Flight shooting, revealed at Paris Airshow 2017.

Along his career path, Gaël has put passion and dedication in all his tasks. The main drive that led him applying to Airbus were the sense of belonging to a pioneering industry in the aerospace sector. “Doing visible and impactful things is extremely rewarding and this is what motivates me every day at work. When I assist to a flight demonstration and see how my team brings the story to life, I realize the importance of having a good synergy with my colleagues.”

Among his memorable experiences at Airbus, Gaël likes to remember when, back in 2017, he attended the photo shooting of the Family Flight, a special project that was revealed during the Paris Airshow. “Seeing all the Airbus aircrafts aligned and synchronized on flight for a one unique memorable photo was incredible. It was the once in a lifetime momentum where I was able to witness an air-to-air photo and video shooting, making me realize the value of my job. Admiring all those flying heroes, each one conceived for a different purpose but reunited in the sky for this particular event, made me feel we are all part of one same team”.

To the future generations, Gaël would like to say that working in aviation means combining expertise, excellence and passion. But when it comes to Airbus, this represents much more. “Joining a company such as Airbus with great heritage, who built the history of aeronautics, through milestones and breaking world records such as reaching the top of the Everest, is certainly a knowledgeable engagement for anyone wanting to start their career in aviation. Airbus is a company whose beliefs rely on research, innovation and investments and puts all efforts in building a better future for aviation and a sustainable environment.”

Gaël's career path at Airbus

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