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Meet Cameron

Artificial Intelligence Specialist

“Moving to a new country and starting a new job was a big decision, but it turns out it was a great one."

Cameron is Artificial Intelligence Specialist at Airbus, Toulouse.

Cameron Cooke joined the Airbus Family in Toulouse a year ago. Originally from Sydney, he always dreamed of being part of an aerospace company.

Today Cameron works as an Artificial Intelligence Specialist; he and his team are studying the use of cameras in Final Assembly Lines workstations to better understand what happens during the manufacturing process. “We are building a system to detect, categorise and track many different classes of objects over time”. The team's project will help optimise the layout of the shop floor, and ultimately make people’s jobs easier and safer: “Computer vision has the potential to decrease production delays, while increasing productivity and safety in the production process, all without compromising people’s privacy,” says Cameron.

Cameron is still involved in the aviation world in his free time. “I’ve joined an Aviation Association, where I am learning to fly a sailplane”.

Cameron loves new adventures, and never misses an opportunity to travel: “Last year I went to Russia, Mongolia and China on the Trans-Siberian railway. It’s great to discover all these amazing places!”

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