The formidable transformation facing the aerospace industry is also a huge challenge from an HR perspective.

How do we attract the talent we need for tomorrow? How do we retain and develop our future innovators and can we be sure that their work remains meaningful? Which skills and competences will be key for our future?

Preparing for tomorrow - A collective challenge

In the coming years, the journey to decarbonising aerospace will be transformative for the industry and an exciting challenge for all of those who are going to be involved in rethinking the way we design, source, build, finance, sell, market, maintain our products and manage their end of life. 

Developing all-electric or hybrid vehicles, hydrogen and other zero emission technologies will require the smartest, the most diverse, and the most forward-thinking talents. Attracting and developing them in a diverse and stimulating working environment is one of the main objectives of the company. 

At the Airbus Summit, some exciting discussions took place during the “Preparing for tomorrow” moment.

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Thierry Baril

Chief Human Resources Officer, Airbus


Jumoke Fagbemi

Head of Develop, Airbus


Sam Hyams

Founder and CEO, SPRINGPOD


Laura Montironi

Airbus Upnext Loads and Aeroelastics engineer, Airbus


Professor Pablo Fajardo Pena

Deputy director of the school of engineering, UC3M


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