Shaping the future

In 2023, we recorded strong order intake across all our businesses and delivered on our commitments despite a complex operating environment. The Company remained dedicated to achieving the operational and strategic goals that support our purpose. We further focused on shaping the future by continuing our industrial transformation and progressing with our decarbonisation journey and innovation strategy.

We pioneer sustainable aerospace for a safe and united world.

2023 at a glance


(€ million)


(2022: 58,763)

EBIT Adjusted
(€ million)


(2022: 5,627)

Reported earnings per share


(2022: 5.40)

Order intake
(€ million)


(2022: 82,521)


Total energy consumption


(Excluding electricity generated by CHP on site for own use)

Scope 1 & 2 CO2 emissions 
(ktons CO2e)



Ethics & Compliance e-learning sessions


(1 Oct. 2022 to 30 Sept. 2023)

Number of employees


(End 2022: 134,267)

Chairman’s message

Aviation’s vital role in connecting people and businesses has never been clearer.

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René Obermann 
Chairman of the Board

CEO interview

Guillaume Faury 
Chief Executive Officer

It was a year of progress in areas vital for preparing our future, including the production ramp-up, transforming the industrial set-up and pushing forward with our sustainability priorities.

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Pioneering sustainable aerospace

Airbus’ purpose is to pioneer sustainable aerospace for a safe and united world. The Company is aware of its responsibility to society and future generations, and contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through its core business and how it operates. The Company approaches sustainability by striving to respect the planet, being committed to valuing people, and enabling prosperity. These guiding principles are embedded in its operations and activities.

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Sustainability progress

Fostering SAF uptake

The Company increased the share of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) used in internal aircraft and helicopter flight operations to over 10% in 2023, with the goal of reaching at least 30% by 2030.

Expanding our impact

In 2023, the Airbus Foundation coordinated a number of humanitarian flights that delivered material aid to communities impacted by disaster.

Low-carbon milestones

2023 was an important year for multiple Airbus flight demonstrators that aim to accelerate the development of carbon mitigation technologies.

Accelerating social impact

Accelerating social impact

The Community Impact Policy continued to guide the Company’s social impact in 2023, focusing on three main themes: supporting and developing vulnerable communities, youth and quality education, and safeguarding the future of the planet.

Our purpose in action

Airbus’ talented employees are shaping the future. Meet four employees whose dedicated work to bring innovative products and solutions to life contributes to our purpose of pioneering sustainable aerospace for a safe and united world.

Lucie Chapirot-Sarda

Lead Flight Test Engineer

The production ramp-up is key for the Company’s future and keeps Airbus’ flight test teams busy. With over 20 years of experience, Lead Flight Test Engineer Lucie Chapirot-Sarda is a familiar face in the cockpit during the hundreds of production test flights and customer acceptance flights that Airbus conducts each year.

Thomas Philippe portrait

Thomas Philippe

UAS Programme Manager

The renewed instability of our world has proven the value of combining manned and unmanned aerial assets in complex military operations. In this context, the VSR700 unmanned aerial system (UAS) is a major asset that complements what our helicopters can already achieve in an operational environment. Thomas Philippe has been overseeing the development of the VSR700.

Portrait of Yvonne Wittke

Yvonne Wittke

Senior Project Manager

The Future Combat Air System (FCAS) is one of the most important European defence programmes of the coming decades. Senior Project Manager Yvonne Wittke leads the development of the ‘Loyal Wingman’ drone platforms at Airbus. Within the FCAS, these unmanned, remotely piloted vehicles will be controlled by manned combat aircraft such as the Eurofighter and the New Generation Fighter.

Portrait of Cyril Cavel

Cyril Cavel

Former JUICE Project Manager

During its four-year mission around Jupiter and its icy moons, JUICE spacecraft’s observations will enable scientists to answer questions about deep habitats on ocean worlds and better understand the emergence of life. Cyril Cavel was JUICE Project Manager before moving on to a new mission at Airbus after the spacecraft’s launch.

Operational review


2023 key events
• Deliveries rise 11% to 735 aircraft
• Record order intake
• Industrial system advances
• A321XLR progresses towards certification

Commercial aircraft orders and deliveries rose year-on-year, with a solid increase in revenues and underlying earnings. 2023 included a number of operational and sustainability milestones. 

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Key figures



(2022: 661(1)

Net order intake


(2022: 820) 

(€ million)


(2022: 41,428)

EBIT Adjusted 
(€ million)


(2022: 4,600)

(1) After a reduction of two aircraft previously recorded as sold in December 2021 for which a transfer was not possible due to international sanctions against Russia.


Airbus Helicopters

2023 key events
• Book-to-bill above 1
• Delivery of 346 helicopters
• FAA certifies the H160
• Progress with decarbonisation roadmap

The Division delivered a solid performance, both in terms of order intake and earnings. There were various operational achievements for new products and decarbonisation initiatives. 

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NH90 Sea Tiger

Key figures



(2022: 344) 

Net order intake


(2022: 362) 

(€ million)


(2022: 7,048)


EBIT Adjusted 
(€ million)


(2022: 639)


Airbus Defence and Space

2023 key events
• Strong order inflow, book-to-bill around 1.4
• Major contracts for military aircraft
• Transformation plan initiated
• JUICE spacecraft launched

The Division achieved record order intake during the year while earnings reflected charges recorded for certain Space programmes. There were various operational and sustainability achievements. 

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Key figures

Net order intake
(€ million)


(2022: 13,660) 

Order book
(€ million)


(2022: 38,426) 

(€ million)


(2022: 11,259)


EBIT Adjusted 
(€ million)


(2022: 384)

Key documents

Airbus FY 2023 ESEF

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Airbus FY 2023 ESEF

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