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C295 FITS mission system (COMMOMISS)  

Airbus demonstrates C295 FITS mission system operated by ground-based crews

Airbus’ Pléiades Neo satellites will provide commercial and institutional customers with very high-resolution imagery  

First Pléiades Neo constellation satellite safely delivered in orbit

JUICE, the JUpiter ICy moons Explorer mission led by the European Space Agency (ESA), has left Airbus’ satellite integration centre in Friedrichshafen (Germany) and is now on its way to the Large Space Simulator (LSS) chamber of the European Space Agency (ESA) in Noordwijk (Netherlands) for its first taste of space.  

JUICE Jupiter probe’s first taste of space

Satellite Image Spot6 Bissagos Guinea Bissau  

Airbus and Clean Sky 2 support environmental protection

The fully reconfigurable OneSat product line features major innovations and disruptive technologies including the latest digital processing and active antennas enabling several thousand beams. In addition, to meet the demanding schedule for OneSat development, Airbus is applying agile new ways of working with its industrial partners, customers and space agencies.  

OneSat Final Design Review successfully achieved

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Airbus demonstrates C295 FITS mission system operated by ground-based crews


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First Pléiades Neo constellation satellite safely delivered in orbit


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