Airbus headquarters media contacts



Guillaume Steuer

Head of External Communications - Airbus

Commercial Aircraft

Stefan Schaffrath

Head of External Communications - Airbus Commercial Aircraft


Laurence Petiard

Head of External Communications - Airbus Helicopters

Defence and Space

Martin Agüera

Head of External Communications - Airbus Defence and Space



Airbus regions media contacts


United States

James Darcy

External Communications - Airbus US


Marcella Cortellazzi

Head of Communications - Airbus Canada

Africa & Middle East

Samsana Ismail

Head of Communications - Airbus Africa & Middle East

India & South Asia

Krittivas Mukherjee

Head of Communications - Airbus India & South Asia


Amelia Xu

External Communications - Airbus China


Sean Lee

Head of Communications - Airbus Asia-Pacific



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Latest news

Airbus Helicopters bounces back in 2021
In 2021, Airbus Helicopters logged 419 gross orders (net: 414) showing solid signs of recovery from the 2020 market situation which was heavily impacted by the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. (2020 – 289 gross/ 268 net orders).
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Photo - First Flight Clean Sky C295 FTB2
The Airbus C295 technology demonstrator of Clean Sky 2 makes its maiden flight
The Airbus C295 Flight Test Bed 2 (FTB2) has successfully performed its maiden flight from the Final Assembly Line in Seville. The aircraft now starts a flight campaign with the aim of testing the new semi-morphing wing, the new affordable flight control system, as well as a SatCom antenna embedded within the aircraft’s fuselage.
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Commercial Aircraft
Airbus’ iconic Beluga super transporters ready to serve global outsized-cargo demand
Airbus has launched a new air-cargo service using its unique BelugaST fleet to offer freight companies and other potential customers a solution to their outsized freight transportation needs.
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Commercial Aircraft
Airbus’ deploys Beluga A300-600 ST fleet to serve industry’s outsized cargo transportation needs
Airbus has launched a new service to offer outsized freight transportation for customers worldwide.
Airbus is introducing six new-generation BelugaXLs – based on the larger A330-200 platform – to support Airbus’ ramp-up of its airliner production. For the BelugaSTs, this means that a new stage in their operational life can now begin in earnest – especially as the airframes still have plenty of available flight-hours remaining before reaching their original design service limits.
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Airbus Helicopters opens new MRO Logistics Centre in Paris
The Airbus Helicopters MRO Logistics Centre has begun operations in the AeroliansParis business park in Tremblay-en-France near Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport.
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Satellites’ vital role when natural disasters strike
Although it is extremely difficult to predict exactly when a volcanic eruption will occur, it is possible to closely monitor the world's active volcanoes. Warning signs such as increased seismic activity or plumes can easily be observed from the ground, using multiple sensors and cameras, but also from space, thanks to satellites.
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