Systema offers a wide scope of applications and ensures the sharing of data and models along the design. As a modular solution, Systema is at the leading edge of modelling tools for applications that range from space and aeronautics to shipbuilding, the automotive industry, vacuum technologies and other industry sectors.

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Systema enables the creation or import of a spacecraft model for the management of data in an intuitive, user-friendly and ergonomic 3D interface. 

  • Systema relies on an open and evolutionary framework adapted to support the needs from early design to the detailed design phases
  • The Systema infrastructure consists of interactive toolboxes to build the geometry, define a trajectory/kinematics, specify an analysis scenario, visualise the results, set the analysis process and post-process the results
  • Multiple engineering analyses are embedded in Systema, enabling engineers to support the design and evaluate the performance
  • Systema integrates an interdisciplinary model description that supports a concurrent engineering approach during the design

Product highlights

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Systema is compatible with several formats for import and export of data including STEP files, NASTRAN files, CAD files for geometrical data, as well as STK files for mission definition.

Systema is organized into tabs, which are used to manage the different entities:

  • A Modeler tab, used to create and display geometrical models and meshings and to display processing results
  • A Schematic tab for the creation and display of electronic diagrams, dedicated to the power application
  • A Trajectory tab, utilized for creating and displaying trajectories, based on OREKIT
  • A Kinematics tab, used to create and display kinematic models
  • A Mission tab, for the definition of missions (associating a model to a trajectory and kinematics) to run realistic simulations; and
  • A Processing tab, used to define and run processes via defining a processing chain of computation based on the simulation’s requirements

Create and test

The Systema application can be used to create and test models, trajectories, kinematic models and missions. You can also create and run processes in the framework of missions and consult process results.

The baseline application can be interfaced with other Systema applications, such as Thermica (thermal design), Dosrad (radiation impact), Power (simulation of spacecraft power subsystems) and others, which are considered as plug-ins.


Product Description

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Automation of repetitive tasks

Systema benefits from a large Python API, enabling the automation of such repetitive tasks as meshing reduction and renumbering, repetitive structures and transformations. Systema can be integrated directly into the user’s own software environment as well, enabling new processes that would not be reliable only with manual operations.




The Thermica suite provides a complete package to perform the thermal design. It offers performing modules to compute radiative couplings, conductive couplings, external fluxes (solar, planetary…) gathered in Thermica and an up-to-date temperature solver: Thermisol.



The power suite provides a system level tool to define the power architecture of a satellite. It enables the modelling of power systems and the simulation of the power performances based on an interactive schematic editor, the computation of external fluxes and radiative couplings and finally the Thermisol solver.

Environment 1

Space Environment

The Space environment applications cover a wide range of modelling problematics arising when a spacecraft evolves in Space. Among these applications are Perturbations, Dosrad, Outgassing, Atomox, Plume, Debris, and GTD

Why trust Systema?


More than 1,000 users worldwide use Systema to test the feasibility of their project.

With more than 30 years of experience in Space engineering, Systema possesses more than enough expertise to whether you need a tool to launch a satellite or a rover, Systema can help you do it all.



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