A320 Airspace ambient

The Aircraft Interiors Expo

Inside the cabin | 14 - 16 June 2022


Airbus has given the most valuable space in the sky a dedicated name: Airspace. 

It elevates the feeling of space inside Airbus aircraft to an even higher level. Looking for the most inspiring, relaxing, beautiful, and living space.

Inspiring space


Relaxing space

Beautiful space

Living space

Airspace. Fly it. Love it.

You helped us shape the Airspace DNA. It thus covers the most important elements in aircraft cabins for passengers and airlines, driving innovative solutions in terms of comfort, ambience, services and design.

You can enjoy the experience today with A330neo and A350 family aircraft, and beginning in 2021, on the A320neo.

Airspace Cabin Vision 2030

Inspired by airlines, technology companies from Silicon Valley and start-ups, Airbus has brought to life a future flying experience – the Airspace Cabin Vision 2030.





Take a glimpse inside the future cabin

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Airspace taking off


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