More choices with flexible seating 


Airbus’ spacious cabins allow for easily-adaptable seating configurations. They include Premium and Comfort Economy Class, which give passengers greater comfort and personal space. More efficient Economy Class configurations are also available, allowing more passengers to enjoy the magic of flying.

Airspace Cabin
A330neo Airspace economy class


Larger overhead stowage for stress-free boarding


Everyone likes more space. When passengers board an Airspace cabin, they have more room to store luggage – above the seat and not in leg space. The superior volume of the storage reduces boarding time, minimises crew workload and ensures passengers can stow their luggage above their own seats in a very relaxed way.

Airspace open bins
Airspace A330neo open bins


More personal space 


Airbus’ cabin’s high ceilings give rise to the feeling of more open space, while ergonomic sidewalls provide additional shoulder clearance – all together making perfect use of the cross-section. Even the window surrounds are framed to amplify the airiness. Personal space is maximised through perfect integration of seats on a flat floor and in-flight entertainment (IFE) seat boxes that do not intrude upon foot space.

Airspace A350 space
A330neo Airspace

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