Winning a “Best Product Launch” award from the marketing industry, the A330neo Airspace cabin was revealed in 2016. Now successfully delivered to customers, it provides a new level of comfort, ambience and design with efficient services – ensuring this cabin has the versatility to match all airline operations and provide an enjoyable flight to passengers in all markets.

Airspace by Airbus cabin for A330neo - Consistent cabin experience for widebody family. Superior ambience, comfort, service and design; leading innovation and design; a tool for airlines to differentiate


Welcome on board


The A330neo’s entrance area provides a unique welcome experience. New ceiling panels with customisable patterns, in combination with full-colour LED lighting, create a warm welcome area, as well as a unique branded ambience for all flight phases.

A330 Airspace welcome
A330 Airspace comfort


More personal space and larger overhead bins


Airbus’ brand-new overhead storage for the A330neo, inspired by the A350, is significantly larger – providing additional space for 66% more bags. The improved space utilisation ensures that passengers can stow their luggage above their own seats, increasing their comfort at boarding and during the flight. In the premium cabin, no centre stowage is needed, amplifying the spacious environment of the A330neo.

The A330neo allows for flexible and easily adaptable seating configurations and can cater to a variety of comfort levels – from a seven-abreast Premium Economy, to an eight-abreast Comfort Economy, or a nine-abreast Economy Class that allows more passengers to enjoy the magic of flying.

A330 Airspace bins
A330 Airspace eco


A330neo new cabin design


Airbus designs aircraft and their cabins as a family, meaning that many design elements initially implemented on the A350, now appear on the A330neo.

For passengers this means having a seamless flight experience onboard Airspace widebody aircraft with common features like the very latest 4th-generation in-flight entertainment (IFE) experience. Crew members will find the latest tools for cabin management, like the Flight Attendant Panel and galley inserts (GAINS).

For airlines this means consistent branding, the same service opportunities and cost savings. Combining these features with the same seating and colour palettes for trim and finish and lighting, Airbus ensures passengers receive a consistent experience on all Airspace cabins.

A330-A350 Airspace Family

A330-A350 Airspace Family

A330 Airspace detail


Highly-optimised cabin 


The A330neo offers a range of innovations to maximise the space for passengers. Airbus’ new Smart-Lav design has optimised the internal architecture, while also freeing up more cabin area lengthwise. For specific layouts, the Angled-Lav provides the best use of space through a double lavatory configuration in the centre cabin.

Airbus’ Modular Space-Flex solutions combine new galley and PRM (People with Reduced Mobility) lavatory configurations which utilise rear cabin volume more efficiently and release space for additional seats or greater seat pitch

More comfort for the crew, and even more space for revenue. The A330neo relocates the flight crew rest and integrates it in the Lower Deck Mobile Crew Rest to optimise space. The new solutions offer a redesigned and more comfortable interior, accommodating up to two separate bunks for pilots and six bunks for cabin crew.

A330neo Touchless features used by child in A330neo Airspace cabin
A330neo Airspace by Airbus Services

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