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Get insights into our military aircraft at Air Defender 23!

From 12-23 June 2023 air forces of NATO allies and friendly nations trained air operations in Europe.

The largest air force deployment exercise in NATO's history!
With up to10,000 participants from 25 nations and 220 aircraft, the event showcased the best in aviation technology and demonstrated transatlantic solidarity. The nations trained under the command of the German Air Force in the airspace above Europe in joint air operations. All Airbus Defence and Space platforms played a crucial role in Air Defender - from Eurofighter, Tornado, A400M, to A330 MRTT.
Read about Airbus participation at Air Defender.

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Carmen Wilke

Fostering Europe’s strategic autonomy

Carmen Wilke

She is a Project Management Officer within the Future Combat Air System (FCAS), Europe's largest defence programme driven by France, Germany and Spain. Having found Airbus during her studies, she is now in her first ‘real job’ within FCAS Remote Carriers technological pillar.

Raphael Caille

Helping scientists to better understand our planet

Raphael Caille

The Sentinel-6 mission of the European Copernicus programme is delivering high-precision measurement of the topography of ocean surfaces. Sentinel-6 project manager Raphael Caille worked from the early satellite design studies through production and tests until launch.

Sara Vargas

Protecting people in a time of crisis

Sara Vargas

Crises like COVID-19, Afghanistan and Sudan have shown again in recent years that military transport is vital, with air forces from different nations flying aircraft like the A400M to deliver critical aid and evacuate citizens in distress.

Ángel Sánchez Franco

Turning military aircraft into flying hospitals

Ángel Sánchez

Ángel Sánchez Franco has driven the development of a new Intensive Care Transport Module that can be installed on all Airbus’ military transport aircraft, either with all the equipment as a mobile ICU or a more basic configuration.

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Meet Angel

Meet Ángel

C295 Product Policy and Business Development Manager | Airbus Defence and Space, Madrid

Meet Ángel! Ángel joined Airbus 17 years ago and is now working on developing new capabilities and exploring new markets for the C295 transport aircraft.

"Airbus’ environment allows you to constantly learn new things and join many rewarding projects. It's exciting to work on solutions such as an intensive care module transport for aeromedical evacuation missions that can help to save lives."

Cryosat visual

Cryosat-2 and Copernicus satellites: unlocking climate action

Europe’s Copernicus Sentinel satellites and CryoSat-2 provide vast amounts of data to better combat human-driven global warming. Antarctica is the southernmost continent on the planet, an imposing ice desert surrounded by ocean. Its mountain ranges of up to 3,000 metres, full of glaciers, go down to sea level and into the water.

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Aero Evacuation: lifesaving missions with military aircraft

October 2022. A Hospital in Tenerife. A patient undergoes cardiac surgery to insert an intra-aortic balloon pump, a circulatory support device. The person being operated on, weighing about 100 kilos, suffers a complication that requires transfer to a hospital specialised in complex cardiovascular surgery. 

A400M Belgium - Luxembourg(4)

The tenacious transporter with Sioux-per credentials

An impressive American Sioux chief painted on a vertical tail plane greets visitors to the 15th Air Transport Wing of the Belgian Armed Forces. The Native American is the emblem of the unit, while ‘Tenacity’ is the wing’s motto, an attribute that may well define its last incorporation, the A400M.

Jose Álvarez (left) and Álex Álvarez in an A400M

Brothers in arms

Spanish-sibling pilots fly military missions with the Eurofighter and A400M

Álex and Jose Álvarez grew up surrounded by the smell of kerosene and the roar of military aircraft. Their father was - and still is - a Spanish Air Force military electronics specialist. His influence has been such that Jose has been protecting European sovereignty on board a Eurofighter, while his younger brother, Álex, flies the A400M in the most demanding theatres of operations, like Afghanistan, Ukraine and Iraq.