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Thank you for your interest in Airbus positions. In this critical time, the pandemic is impacting our business, causing an inevitable transformation of our workforce. The result for Airbus is a hiring pause, with exceptions for critical positions.

Airbus is looking forward to the prospect of the new opportunities the future will bring. Airbus continues leading the way in pioneering sustainable aerospace.  

Meet the Faces of Airbus

Engineering & Technology HR Key Account Manager

“Airbus is a family oriented company which pays attention to balance business and family life at the same time," says Uta from Germany. 

Uta joined the Airbus family in 2004 as an intern in the A380 manufacturing engineering department in Hamburg during her Mechanical Engineering studies. Since then, Uta’s career path at Airbus has been comprehensive, spanning across technical and managerial roles, as well as, different sites.

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Stephane, flight test engineer

In charge of inventing and defining maneuvers performed during test flights, one of Stephane’s greatest challenges as a flight test engineer is knowing the limit between the safety of the test flight and bringing back results. “I feel very lucky to do what I do within the company; our product is wonderful, it’s noble and represents one of humanity’s oldest dreams – flying.”

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Reiko, Ground training instructor at Airbus Helicopters Japan
Reiko, Ground training instructor

"Although aviation is rather a male-dominated world, it has been my passion since I was a child. As a flight instructor for helicopters, fixed wings and gliders, I love to fly all of them, but I especially love to fly helicopters. When I joined the company, I started my Airbus career as marketing manager for the training centre newly established in Japan, in 2012. I have now moved to the operational division to become a pilot ground instructor. Studying state-of-the-art technology is what makes me passionate about my job."

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Neelam, re-inventing industrial architecture and product development

Working on projects such as Propulsion of Tomorrow, and Digital Design Manufacturing & Services (DDMS), Neelam's role as industrial architect is to define the top level industrial requirements, industrial architecture, trades and capabilities in collaboration with engineering teams in developing technology bricks that will shape the industrial system of Airbus. "Working on crucial transformation projects, with diverse people: an incredible adventure, a dream come true."

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