09 December 2015
09. December 2015 Defence and Space

Airbus Defence and Space to provide cyber security services for TV5MONDE


Following the cyber attack on the worldwide French-speaking television channel on 8 April, Airbus Defence and Space implemented the Keelback Net cyber sensor in record time

Airbus Defence and Space has signed a contract with the international French-speaking television channel TV5MONDE to protect and monitor its information systems. In the wake of the cyber attack on the television network on 8 April this year, and as part of the implementation of its information system’s security plan, TV5MONDE had selected the Keelback Net detection sensor to combat APT - Advanced Persistent Threats, which has been implemented by Airbus Defence and Space in record time. The security plan had been prepared on the basis of recommendations from the French National Agency for Information System Security (Anssi).

Deployed in the network environment, the sensor detects and extensively analyses threats. In the event of a malicious attack, response scenarios are then proposed to help visualise and contain ongoing attacks as quickly as possible. Thanks to this end-to-end cyber defence capability set up by Airbus Defence and Space, network activity can be monitored in real time and administrative operations can be managed.

Yves Bigot, CEO of TV5MONDE, said: “After suffering a terrible attack in April, our priority was to open up internet services once again under tried-and-tested security conditions as rapidly as possible and for all our activities. To this end, Airbus Defence and Space set up as early as June 2015 and completed in record time the whole security package of our network.”

François Lavaste, Head of CyberSecurity at Airbus Defence and Space, added: “We are proud that we have been given the opportunity to provide our trusted solutions to TV5MONDE. This global cyber defence capability is at the heart of our expertise and thus guarantees our efficiency. The close link between our technologies, security monitoring infrastructures and experts enables us to detect and above all tackle threats so that our customers’ interests aren’t compromised.”

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