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06 December 2009
06. December 2009 Commercial Aircraft

Airbus and Ohio working to reinforce and grow aerospace industry


The first Airbus Ohio Supplier Conference brought more than 200 industry members to Cleveland to identify new opportunities and allow companies in the state to learn more about Airbus’ procurement processes.

Brown and McArtor join efforts with Ohio Aerospace Institute in opening the network

Airbus Americas Chairman Allan McArtor and U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (via video presentation) today jointly opened the first Airbus Ohio Supplier Conference to help facilitate more business between Ohio companies and Airbus. A total of over 200 attendees from Ohio-based manufacturing companies participate in the event.

“This is about building on Ohio’s rich aerospace heritage to create new jobs,” Brown said. “We’re using our status as the national center for aerospace industries to pave the way for companies like Airbus to do more business in Ohio.  These opportunities can help expand business, create more jobs, and generate economic activity in our communities.”

“Airbus is increasing its presence in the U.S, with a total investment of about $10 billion last year alone, supporting over 180,000 jobs,” said Allan McArtor, Chairman of Airbus Americas. “Ohio based companies represent nearly 40 percent of this amount. . Ohio is a high-tech, strong aerospace state and with a business-minded government approach. We see an excellent basis for Airbus and its key suppliers to further increase its links with Ohio.”

The first of a set of procurement conferences to take place in Ohio, these expos are aimed at growing the state’s aerospace industry by identifying new opportunities and bringing  members of the industry together in pro-active meetings. The companies participating include both current aerospace companies and those that aspire to enter the industry.

The conference will enable Ohio companies to get an understanding of Airbus’ procurement processes and guidelines and to hear first-hand experiences from key suppliers as well as from subcontractors to Airbus suppliers. In addition, company representatives are invited to take part in one-on-one meetings with Airbus procurement executives as well as with key Airbus suppliers that are interested in working with Ohio-based subcontractors.

“The world’s aerospace industry was born in Ohio when Wilbur and Orville Wright conquered the challenges of controlled, powered flight, and Ohio continues to be a world leader in this  dynamic, growing industry,” said Dr. Michael Heil, President and CEO of the Ohio Aerospace Institute “We are pleased to host this important conference to strengthen Airbus’s connections with Ohio’s industrial might.”

Gary Conley, President & CEO of TechSolve, Lead Edison Center Aerospace for The State of Ohio, continued:  “With the aerospace industry projecting the need for 27-thousand new aircraft for the next 20 years, partnering with industry leaders like Airbus will be key to Ohio’s manufacturing economy.” He added that regarding the Supplier Conference “this shows how Airbus is taking a strong lead in trying to solve a big aerospace industry problem – with the current industry backlog ($391B) at twice the value of shipments and growing  at nine percent per year – large OEM’s will need to follow them (Airbus) in identifying new suppliers to fill this gap.”

Dr. Henry Cialone, President and CEO of Edison Welding Institute and Chair of the Edison Centers Director Council stated that “the Ohio Edison Centers are committed to supporting the growth industries in Ohio. With continued interest from large industry stakeholders such as Airbus, GE, Goodrich, Parker and others, Ohio’ s small-to-mid-sized manufacturers have some exciting growth opportunities. 2010 should be a good year for Aerospace in Ohio.”

Currently there are more than 600 companies in Ohio’s aerospace industry, accounting for more than 186,000 direct jobs. Last year, Airbus spent $3.96 billion procuring supplies form Ohio entities, ranking the state first for Airbus spending in the U.S. and fifth in the number of Airbus suppliers. This figure does not include additional indirect subcontracts awarded to Ohio aerospace companies from direct Airbus suppliers.

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