Airbus’ AS565 MBe is an all-weather, multi-role helicopter that can be deployed for a wide range of missions in both maritime and land environments.

Anti-surface warfare

The AS565 MBe is highly effective in anti-surface unit warfare missions (ASuW), including over-the-horizon targeting (OTHT) for ships with long-range anti-ship missiles.

By acting as the vessel’s principal weapon system, it can search, classify, shadow, mark, and strike with precision well beyond the horizon. At its best endurance speed (VBE), the aircraft has a loiter time that exceeds four hours.



Rapid and quiet, Airbus’ AS565 MBe is a highly cost-effective tool against piracy, smuggling and illegal fishing, as well as for all policing roles in exclusive economic zones (EEZs) or areas of national interest.

For law enforcement and anti-smuggling missions, the helicopter has a multi-hour endurance at loiter speeds, and can be configured for snipers and rapid boarding parties with weapons such as cabin-mounted machine guns. Other mission equipment includes a range of sensors, searchlights, and loudspeakers.


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