The AS565 MBe naval version of Airbus’ Panther helicopter family is an all-weather, multi-role medium rotorcraft designed for operation from ship decks, offshore locations, and land-based sites. It is made for a multitude of naval and coast guard missions, such as maritime surveillance, search and rescue, casualty evacuation, offshore patrol, and counterterrorism.

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The naval utility helicopter at its best

Already operated by many navies and maritime customers, the AS565 MBe Panther is the reference in the light-medium naval utility helicopter segment.


The AS565 MBe is powered by two Safran Arriel 2N turboshaft engines for reliable performance, including in high and hot conditions. It features modern cockpit avionics that include Airbus’ renowned Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS) and flight management system.

Some 250 helicopters in the Panther/Dauphin family are operated by maritime customers in more than 20 countries, including the U.S. Coast Guard’s fleet of some 100 MH-65s.


Technologically advanced

Enhancing the AS565 MBe’s mission capabilities are its advanced avionics and systems, including multifunction and tactical displays for the crew, while the FADEC (full authority digital engine control) system – together with its vehicle and engine management display (VEMD) – improve safety and reduce pilot workload.

The helicopter’s modular mechanical assembly design – along with its composite Starflex rotor head, composite tail rotor blades and airframe elements – contribute to significant reductions in maintenance time and costs.

Additionally, the AS565 MBe incorporates a new-generation Fenestron® shrouded tail rotor, which provides high manoeuvrability, low external sound levels, and optimal safety for passengers, ground, and air crews.


Going to sea

The AS565 MBe is fully qualified to operate from over 100 classes of NATO ships, and complies with NATO standardisation agreements (STANAGs) regarding tie-down fittings, fuel hoses, and DC/AC electrical connectors.

The helicopter’s use of a hydraulically-activated harpoon with deck-lock security (which anchors a helicopter on the flight deck immediately after touchdown) enables the AS565 MBe to operate from ship decks regardless of the wind direction in conditions of high deck movement.

AS565 MBe


For its deployment from ships, forward bases, and other remote locations, the AS565 MBe is designed for simple and safe maintenance access. 

Replacement times are rapid for such assemblies as the engine, main rotor gearbox, and blades, as well as main and tail rotor hubs. Also contributing to the serviceability are easy operational maintenance features, including fast lubrication of the main rotor head and tail rotor.


AS565 MBe in focus



The multi-mission capabilities of the AS565 MBe

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