The Eurofighter Typhoon is the world's most modern swing-role fighter. Once conceived as a multi-national programme to modernise the Air Forces of the European industrial partner nations, the Eurofighter Typhoon has in the meantime been sold to five additional customers (Austria, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sultanate of Oman, Kuwait and Qatar) and thus doubled the number of its original user nations.

It is powered by two EJ200 engines that give the Eurofighter Typhoon its impressive thrust-to-weight ratio and maneuverability. The core of this state-of-the-art weapon system is its identification capability and sensor fusion, based on the CAPTOR-E AESA radar and the PIRATE FLIR sensor while being protected by the PRAETORIAN Electronic Defensive Aid Sub System (DASS). No other fighter aircraft has integrated a comparably high number of European and U.S. weapons and is thus combat ready whatever the mission.

Orders & deliveries 


Total Orders:680
Total Deliveries:605


Defence Orders & Deliveries, including orders by country

3 (AC) Squadron F2 Typhoon QRA Weapon fit with 4xASRAAM, 4XAMRAAM and 2x1000 litre drop tank. This aircraft is based at RAF Coningsby, Lincoln and was flown by OC 3 (AC) Sqn Wg Cmdr L Bennett.

Air superiority

In the air superiority mission the Eurofighter Typhoon will typically be equipped with air-to-air missiles for the BVR and short range combat. It is the combination of thrust, maneuverability, modern sensors and data fusion that makes the Eurofighter Typhoon the superior air warfare platform.

Ellamy-906-110525-0172-Out-Unc-0283.jpg A Royal Air Force mission struck a military complex in Tiji, Libya on Wednesday (25 May).    One Tornado GR4 and one Typhoon FGR4 struck the facility with nine bombs.    In a demonstration of the flexibility of the

Air interdiction

In this role, the Eurofighter Typhoon is configured for ground attacks and even though it is equipped with a targeting pod and up to 4 ground attack weapons, it carries still 4 Radar and 2 Infrared missiles.

Close air support

The recent integration contract for the Brimstone has strengthened the CAS capabilities of the Eurofighter Typhoon since it can now engage in combat with a reduced risk of collateral damages of non-combatant or friendly forces.

Swing Role 2

Swing role

The Eurofighter Typhoon can simply switch from air-to-air into the air-to-ground role and back within the same mission. Multiple configurations of air-to-air and ground attack payloads can be put under 13 wing and fuselage stations which enables a highly flexible and mission specific configuration.


The Eurofighter Typhoon is the world’s most advanced new generation multi-role/swing-role combat aircraft available on the market. It represents the peak of British, German, Italian and Spanish collaborative technology in avionics, aerodynamics, materials, manufacturing techniques and engines. Eurofighter Typhoon is Europe’s largest military collaborative programme.

Eurofighter Typhoon is the only fighter to offer wide-ranging operational capabilities while at the same time delivering unparalleled fleet effectiveness.


Eurofighter Typhoon´s most outstanding features

  • Future-oriented modular avionic and digital flight control system
  • Super-cruising, multi-role, swing-role capabilities
  • Ultra-modern human-machine interface: LCD screens, Hands on Throttle and Stick (HOTAS) functionalities, the Helmet Mounted Display (HMD), and direct voice input
  • Advanced sensor data fusion and Multifunctional Information Distribution System (MIDS)
  • AESA radar and sensitive Infra-Red Search and Tracking system (IRST)
  • Extensive weapons/stores inventory on 13 hard points
  • Stealth features and powerful engines
  • Automated and mission-tailored defensive aids for high survivability
  • Designed for continuous growth with low cost of ownership.


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Podcast Card Marco Gumbrecht

Podcast #Eurofighter

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to fly a Eurofighter? Then check out this podcast interview.

Meet Marco Gumbrecht, former Eurofighter Typhoon fighter pilot at the German Air Force. He has flown the jet for many years and had a remarkable career in aviation so far. It has taken him from the German Air Force to Airbus Defence and Space, where he is the Head of Future Business Eurofighter and Military Relations in Combat Aircraft Systems.

In this podcast interview, Marco will give you an operational insight view into the Eurofighter and how he sees the future of the Eurofighter Typhoon. 

First flight of the Eurofighter

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