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Airbus and Delta Air Lines’ digital alliance to develop new predictive maintenance and health-monitoring solutions for airline customers – announced in October 2019 – is marked by Don Mitacek, SVP Technical Operations, Delta Air Lines; and Norman Baker, SVP Digital Solutions, Airbus  

Airbus and Delta form digital alliance to develop new predictive maintenance cross-fleet solutions

Airbus delivered its 1,000th A320neo Family aircraft – an A321neo provided to Indian airline IndiGo – in October 2019; marking the handover was (from left to right): Michael Menking, Head of A320 Family Programme, Airbus; Rono Dutta, Chief Executive Officer, IndiGo; and Michael Culhane, Senior Vice President New Aircraft, CDB Aviation Lease Finance  

Airbus marks its 1,000th A320neo Family aircraft delivery

Airbus’ highly-automated fuselage structure assembly line for A320 Family aircraft, located in Hamburg, is responsible for joining single fuselage shells into sections, as well as final assembly of single sections to aircraft fuselages  

Airbus inaugurates new A320 structure assembly line in Hamburg

Airbus A400M completes paratrooper simultaneous dispatch  

Airbus A400M completes paratrooper simultaneous dispatch

Air Greenland has ordered two Airbus H225 heavy helicopters to support its bid to win its home country’s search and rescue (SAR) contract.  

Air Greenland selects Airbus H225 helicopter for search and rescue

The H145 in flight, during a trip in which it landed on the Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the Southern Hemisphere, culminating at 6,962 metres (22,840 feet). This is the first time a twin-engine
helicopter has landed at this altitude, confirming the performance and the extensive flight envelope
of the new H145.  

The new Airbus H145 lands on top of the Andes

Commercial Aircraft




Airbus is an international reference in the aerospace sector. We design, manufacture and deliver industry-leading commercial aircraft, helicopters, military transports, satellites and launch vehicles, as well as providing data services, navigation, secure communications, urban mobility and other solutions for customers on a global scale.

With a forward-looking strategy based on cutting-edge technologies, digital and scientific excellence, we aim for a better-connected, safer and more prosperous world.

What is unmanned traffic management?  

What is unmanned traffic management?

Today’s airspace is changing: UTM can provide a more digital, interoperable and scalable approach

Drones exhibition at Paris Airshow 2019 - Day 6

Focus on the drone batteries  

New Airbus battery lab to push battery technology in Shenzhen


Airbus forecasts need for over 39,000 new aircraft in the next 20 years   

Airbus forecasts need for over 39,000 new aircraft in the next 20 years 

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Orders & deliveries Commercial Aircraft

Toulouse / Mirabel, Tuesday 10th July 2018 – Airbus has revealed the A220 at a ceremony held at its Henri-Ziegler Delivery Centre, near Toulouse.

First Royal Canadian Air Force C295 shows off its final livery

First Royal Canadian Air Force C295 shows off its final livery

Flight testing begins for the first H225Ms for Kuwait


Airbus participates in New Zealand Aerospace Challenge


Airbus begins U.S. production of A220 aircraft

Airbus began manufacturing the A220 jetliner in the U.S. during 2019, led by the first team of A220 production workers who underwent on-the-job training in Mirabel, Quebec, Canada – where the A220 programme and primary final assembly line are located

Partners in innovation: Airbus supports American Magic in its bid for the America’s Cup

Supported by Airbus, the U.S. American Magic sailing team launched its first full-scale, 75-ft. boat – named Defiant – in preparation for the 2021 America’s Cup competition.
En route between Hanoi, Vietnam and the city-state of Singapore, Airbus’ A350-1000 demonstration aircraft continues its 12-city tour across the Middle East and Asia-Pacific region

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Airbus Helicopters has signed the first order for four ACH160s with an undisclosed, North American customer.  The launch customer, a major US business entity with extensive experience in corporate aviation, has opted for one aircraft to be delivered in Stylence by ACH configuration, the in-house, private and business design product line; with the remaining three aircraft to be delivered in ACH Exclusive configuration, the select design product line which allows the highest level of customisation and bespoke craftsmanship.

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A400M - Simultaneous deployment of 80 paratroopers


The Airbus A400M new generation airlifter has completed the certification flight test for the simultaneous dispatch of 80 (40+40) equipped paratroopers from both side doors on a single pass. Tests were performed in coordination with the French Armament General Directorate (DGA) together with French and Belgian Armed Forces. Read less Read more

Working at Airbus

Working at Airbus

What's it like to be part of our family

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Faces of Airbus

Amanda, a mobility success story

After gaining years of experience in operations, sales and marketing working at Airbus in Brazil, Amanda made the move that many of us dream about. But her journey to live and work in the south of France was due to hard work and long years learning the business. A Mobility success story.

“I was prepared to come, it was my wish. My long term objective was to be abroad,” 

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Lorenz, gaining practical experience as a student

As a canoe slalom enthusiast, Lorenz first became interested in composite materials working on the boats. Majoring in Composites, Lorenz spent most of his practical semesters at Airbus in Bremen, he also gained valuable experience abroad during a two months internship in Getafe. Now he works for Premium AEROTEC, a supplier for large structural components, owned by Airbus. With composites being a rather new material, there is always a new topic for Lorenz to explore.

If you’re a highly motivated bachelor student, studying towards a technical or IT related degree, check out the Airbus Student Programme

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Stephane, flight test engineer

In charge of inventing and defining maneuvers performed during test flights, one of Stephane’s greatest challenges as a flight test engineer is knowing the limit between the safety of the test flight and bringing back results. “I feel very lucky to do what I do within the company; our product is wonderful, it’s noble and represents one of humanity’s oldest dreams – flying.”

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Neelam, re-inventing industrial architecture and product development

Working on projects such as Propulsion of Tomorrow, and Digital Design Manufacturing & Services (DDMS), Neelam's role as industrial architect is to define the top level industrial requirements, industrial architecture, trades and capabilities in collaboration with engineering teams in developing technology bricks that will shape the industrial system of Airbus. "Working on crucial transformation projects, with diverse people: an incredible adventure, a dream come true."

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​Volonteers in Airbus made a 3D printed arm for Lou, a little girl born with a missing arm. It is the delivery day to this little girl.
Denis Tur and Lou, e-NABLE a brighter future with 3D printing

Nine-year-old Lou was born without a forearm, and she had a clear idea of what she wanted for her prosthesis arm. 3D printing enthusiast Denis Tur and a team of Airbus volunteers took on this challenge and joined forces with charity e-NABLE to produce a distinctive artificial arm for the young girl at ProtoSpace Toulouse. 

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Vassilis Agouridas on the future of urban mobility solutions

Urban air mobility is on the brink of taking to the skies above cities to offer a sustainable complement to ground transportation. But are cities and city inhabitants ready to welcome such a dramatic shift in their mobility mix? According to Vassilis Agouridas, Senior Manager Strategic Innovation at Airbus, the successful integration of urban air mobility hinges on co-creation among industry, regulators, cities, citizens and other stakeholders to find mobility solutions that deliver on the full spectrum of sustainability—environmental, economic and social.

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Daniela, Head of Airbus R&T

With bountiful past experience as chief engineer of the A400M and A320 programmes, Daniela Lohwasser, Airbus’ new head of R&T in the CTO organisation is excited to help bring in the next chapter of the Airbus story with disruptive new technology and products. She believes that R&T have to be daring and work on the edge, and failing and learning fast is an essential part of that process.

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Shashwath, Customer supply manager

Originally from Bangalore in India, Shashwath works as a Customer supply manager in Airbus Toulouse. Within the cabin furnishing department, his task is to ensure that the ordered parts arrive on time, and are properly allocated. “The interiors must be delivered to the quality and to the time as agreed with our clients”. Greatly inspired by previous Airbus CEO Tom Enders (who he met in person and has a birthday on the same day), joining Airbus has been his aim since watching the first A380 take to the sky. He filled in 75 applications on the career website. “Now I have my dream job".

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Reiko, Ground training instructor at Airbus Helicopters Japan
Reiko, Ground training instructor

"Although aviation is rather a male-dominated world, it has been my passion since I was a child. As a flight instructor for helicopters, fixed wings and gliders, I love to fly all of them, but I especially love to fly helicopters. When I joined the company, I started my Airbus career as marketing manager for the training centre newly established in Japan, in 2012. I have now moved to the operational division to become a pilot ground instructor. Studying state-of-the-art technology is what makes me passionate about my job."

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Jorge, HR manager

“Working is more about being useful rather than being important,” says Jorge who has been with the company for the 13 years. He entered as a financial controller, and later decided to change his topic. “I enjoy working in HR. It is all about connecting people: making a new good network with people and trying to join forces for better working together.“ During his normal workday, Jorge is frequently switching between Spanish, English, German and French. Although the language competence has been a great help, he admits that this is not enough to succeed in HR. “If you are not humble, if you are not emphatic, if you are not flexible, then all these languages skills are not useful for anything.“

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María, Digital Transformation Office

"The digitalisation of the shopfloor is undoubtedly a key factor capable of providing important improvements in relation to quality, efficiency, costs and the product" says María. Her goal is to incorporate digitalisation at the production plants of all the Airbus divisions. To get the real shopfloor experience she put on a set of overalls and spent a week there working with the operators. "You don't really understand what their work is all about until you put yourself in their position".

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Enrique, autopilot specialist

Designing the new generation of self-flying aircraft: this is the mission of Enrique. “In fact, our technology can take care of everything from just after the take-off until the landing,” he says. Originally from Colombia, he started in Airbus in 2017 as an intern, during his dual degree master studies in France. Once finished, he got the opportunity to continue the same project as an employee.

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Ye, Supply Chain and Quality Manager

Born in China and raised in Germany, Ye has a bicultural background. She loves Airbus for its dynamic and diversity. Ye joined Airbus in 2009, she is responsible for major airframe components and works on many transfers, improvement projects at key Airbus suppliers covering activities requiring various skills: “We coordinate cross-functionally, monitor and drive changes at our suppliers to contribute to development and mitigate industrial risks. We work by targeting operational excellence through continuous improvement in everything we do.” 

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Disability is not a barrier at Airbus

Airbus promotes equal opportunities and supports people with both visible and non-visible (dis)ability. Different initiatives across the company are aimed at boosting awareness and above all encouraging dialogue on the important contribution employees with disabilities make to the company every day. Following the International Day of Persons with Disability, six apprentices and dual students share their experiences working in an inclusive environment at Airbus.

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Airbus History

Airbus History

The common fuselage and wing configurations of Airbus’ A330 and A340 allow these long-range jetliners to be built on the same final assembly line at Toulouse/Blagnac Airport in France.

How an aircraft is built

Airbus Urban Mobility

Airbus Urban Mobility

Taking urban transport into the sky

Responsible Business

Responsible Business

Airbus & the Global Goals

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