Enriching missions

  • World leader for mass data storage, offering reliable low mass and low power solid state recorders based on NAND Flash or SDRAM technologies
  • Payload data handling units with compression and encryption features
  • Instrument control units/processing units for payload instruments
  • Video and radar electronic units
  • High precision, low noise timing solutions for navigation constellations and scientific applications, such as rubidium atomic frequency standard
  • RF payload products and laser communication systems

Payload data handling

Solid state recorders / mass memories and payload data processing

RF payload products

Datalink products

Active products

Passive products


Multi-spectral imagers and building blocks

Air-quality and greenhouse gas instruments

Laser communications

Laser products


Our product portfolio



The building blocks for space programmes worldwide

Airbus’ avionics portfolio covers a complete range of compact and powerful onboard computers, launcher electronics and other world-class platform data handling equipment and interface units. Jena Optronik is the market leader for star sensors and rendezvous & docking light detection and ranging (LIDAR) sensors.



Airbus empowers customers' missions

As a leading European manufacturer of power solutions, Airbus has vast experience in providing turnkey solar arrays, photovoltaic assemblies and solar cell assemblies for institutional and commercial applications. The company also offers a full range of electronics - including power control units, power processing units for electric propulsion and electric power conditioners.


New Space equipment

Airbus developed PureLine, a proven family of compact and lightweight electronic products – initially envisioned for constellation applications, paving the way for disruptive unit prices while maintaining high quality. All components are intensively radiation-tested to ensure flawless operation for 10 years in low-Earth orbit. With its cutting-edge Sparkwing design, Airbus is the go-to partner for hassle-free smallsat solar arrays. TESAT offers inter-satellite as well as direct-to-Earth laser communication with disruptive “New space” products. In addition, Jena Optronik developed ASTRO CL, a breakthrough star sensor for smallsat and “New space” applications.

Mechanical and Thermal

Airbus developed HiPeR, a scalable High Performance Radiator product suite (thermal straps, flexible film radiator panels…) that brings disruptive benefits compared to traditional aluminum radiators. The company also provides tailored functional structures and radiator mechanical products where HiPeR’s advantages can be exploited. 


Launcher products

Helping you bringing your mission up!

Benefiting from a strong heritage in equipment for launchers, Airbus contributes to the European success story. With state-of-the-art products and facilities, Airbus has played a key role in electronics and structures for the Ariane 5, Ariane 6 and Vega launchers. 

On ground

Do you have testing needs? With 50 years of experience in high-end antenna measurement techniques, Airbus offers Compensated Compact Ranges (CCRs) that represent the world standard in antenna test facilities for the space industry. Our on-ground support also extends to a wide range of test equipment for avionics and TM/TC, as well as interface simulators. In addition, we also act as an EEE parts agency to optimize your parts purchase. Learn more about our “on-ground” support capabilities.