DynaWorks is an integrated software platform originally developed by the former Intespace company, later absorbed by Airbus Defence and Space to meet its testing needs. It is an essential tool for design offices, test centers, and stakeholders participating in  industrial projects, offering a unique and integrated platform that can be accessed either on-premise or as a SaaS solution.


DynaWorks is a three-in-one platform that provides fast and accurate expertise for data processing. With its integrated database, data processing features, and visualization tools, the platform covering all types of tests, making it the ideal solution for every step of the product development process. Our collaborative software significantly increases productivity, saves time and effort, and streamlines workflow.


Used by the leading players of the aerospace and defense industry, this approach allows acting across the entire product life cycle. Data stored in the DynaWorks database can be easily retrieved, processed and reported. It ensures fluid communication and interaction between the testing, simulation and maintenance activities through product development, qualification and operation. 

DynaWorks Figures


users all over the world



DynaWorks is used in 90 locations worldwide. It is employed in various industries, including space, aeronautics, defence, automotive, research, services, and energy.

  The main benefits that DynaWorks users can obtain are: 


  • Rationalization and standardization software tools for testing and simulation activities

  • A powerful end-to-end solution for data collection, management, organization, processing, analysis, visualization, investigation, and reporting

  • Better organization across different branches to enable cooperation between teams

  • A central node for environmental testing and simulation, which ensures traceability

  • An open platform, that allows users to develop flexible interfaces and processings


Main use cases

Structural dynamics test

DynaWorks offers a complete set of tools for testing and analyzing the mechanical behavior of system structures:


  • Rich signal processing toolboxes for Random, Sine, Acoustic and Shock test analysis

  • Dedicated workflow for defining vibration tests limits and notching strategies

  • RTMVI method for modal base extraction

  • MAC criteria, Test/Test and Test/Simulation comparison tools

  • Geometry display for test and mode shapes animation




DynaWorks structural dynamics test


DynaWorks thermal vacuum test monitoring and analysis test TVAC

Thermal vacuum test monitoring and analysis

Space simulation in Thermal Vacuum Chambers is one of the major tests performed for spacecraft qualification. During these tests, a huge amount (several thousands) of parameters coming from different sources need to be acquired for near real-time supervision or post-test analysis.

To aggregate these data, to be able to deliver them to the different stakeholders of the test (test operators, satellite architects and analysts, remote customers), and help them add value to this data, we developed a set of DynaWorks solutions:


  • DynaThermaNeo ensures the test preparation, piloting interface, and near real-time acquisition

  • DynaWorks ensures real-time display and data processing

  • DySCo displays the test with the 3D Thermal Model and allows test/simulation comparison and extrapolation


Electrical test

In the context of electrical equipment qualifications (CE Marking, DO160, ECSS, etc.), a large number of functional tests must be performed and verified. To prove these tests, data is acquired using standard oscilloscopes which do not have the capacity to record such a large amount of data. In order to comply with these requirements, we developed the OscilloToolbox workbench in DynaWorks:


  • Acquire the data from oscilloscopes (continue, one shot, triggered)

  • Store the data with several process options (Raw, Screen capture, FFT, Macros, …)




DynaWorks EMC electrical test oscillo



DynaWorks vibration and shock test tailoring torpedo


Vibration and shock test tailoring

As a result of 30 years of collaboration with French defense agencies and industrial partners, our Shocks and Vibrations test tailoring tools enable our customers to:


  • Comply with various standards (GAM, ISO, MIL, STANAG, DO, etc.) without over-testing

  • Define their Shocks and Vibrations specifications based on the real-life conditions of their specimen

  • Reduce the number and duration of tests



Rotating machinery test

As a result of 25 years of collaboration with European Aircraft Engines Manufacturers, our rotating machines tools allow:


  • Process Engine Ratings from Tachometer signals

  • Generate Time or RPM Vs Frequency Spectrograms

  • Process orders and frequencies tracking

  • Display Campbell Diagrams with a full set of utilities (Order lines, Order Extract, Frequency Extract, Cursors Extract, Peak Hold, Overall level, Envelope, …)

  • Manage engine performance parameters




DynaWorks rotating machinery test aircraft engine A400M



DynaWorks static and fatigue test A350


Static and fatigue test

Due to our involvement in several Aircraft Major Static and Fatigue test campaigns, DynaWorks has become an essential brick for these critical qualification phases:


  • By interfacing with the simulations, test configuration and sensor position tools (e.g. Interface between Dassault Systems 3DX and DynaWorks)

  • With the data acquisition systems gateways (HBM Catman, MTS Aero Pro, Telspan data, …) allowing to acquire and monitor in real time low rate test data and to record high rate samples

  • With its secured database for managing, retrieving and comparing the full amount of test run data.

  • With its powerful dedicated display and processing tools 



DynaWorks Solution


DynaWorks offers a wide range of tools and applications that can be tailored to your specific needs. Get in touch with our team to create a customized offer that meets your requirements.

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