With the latest aircraft technology and enhanced safety features, Airbus’ H130 is a reference for challenging missions that range from tourism and private/business aviation to emergency medical services and aerial work. 

Tourism: a premium flight experience

As one of the quietest helicopters in the skies, the H130 sets the standard for tourism operations worldwide. Its very low sound level is 6 dB below the ICAO requirement and remains quieter than the most restrictive limits defined for flights over national parks, wildlife reservations and urban areas.

The wide, unobstructed cabin accommodates the pilot and up to seven passengers, providing outstanding visibility through a large wrap-around windscreen and wide windows.

With the open-space cabin, passengers aboard can enjoy spectacular views from their forward-facing seats. Rear passengers are comfortably seated on a raised theatre-style platform.

On top of ample cabin room and panoramic seating, the active vibration control system and improved air conditioning contribute to the H130’s unbeatable level of comfort. The H130 also offers the most economical operational cost per seat in its class.



The emergency medical services partner

Due to its exceptional cabin size and dedicated medical configuration, the H130 is considered the single-engine helicopter of reference for air ambulance missions. The wide and unobstructed cabin with large sliding doors enables easy loading and unloading of stretchers. Doctors and paramedics have plenty of space to take care of patients during flight and have full access on every side of the patient during flight.

The low internal sound level, low vibration level and bright cabin serve to reassure the patient and passengers, and contribute to the comfort of those on board. The flat cabin floor offers a suitable environment to install both sensitive and bulky medical equipment. Depending on the configuration, the aircraft can accommodate two pilots, one stretcher, and up to three medical crew members.

Airbus’ Fenestron® shrouded tail rotor enhances safety in flight and when manoeuvring close to obstacles, while adding a level of security for people, personnel and patients while near – and on – the ground.


Private and business aviation

The ACH130 version of Airbus’ H130 rotorcraft combines a unique passenger-focused design, exceptional single-engine performance and first-class quality and comfort – making it highly popular with private and business aviation customers worldwide. 

  • Visit the ACH website for more information on the ACH130 and the Airbus Corporate Helicopters product line.

Aerial work

The H130’s high performance level makes this helicopter suitable for a full range of aerial work missions.

When using the new sling with a 1,500-kg load capacity, the pilot benefits from excellent visibility – even in long-line operations. During cargo transportation, the large cabin accommodates wide loads, while the H130 remains remarkably stable thanks to the design of its landing gear and large horizontal stabiliser.

The Fenestron® contributes to the helicopter’s excellent handling qualities while preventing the tail rotor blades from hitting obstacles when landing or manoeuvring in confined areas. This proven shrouded tail rotor also provides additional safety for people on the ground.


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