Have you ever wondered how the A400M is built?


With production underway for the 100th aircraft, Airbus is providing an exclusive, ongoing look behind the curtain – taking you inside the various European facilities as this milestone A400M comes together over the months ahead.

Building the 100th A400M

In a series of videos Airbus will show how the A400M next-generation versatile airlifter is built - from the production and assembly of structural components to the finishing touches, like painting, until it’s ready for its maiden flight.


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Watch an A400M come together from start to finish – beginning with the production and build-up of its key structural components, and continuing through the final tests before delivery. 

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Transport with Beluga





Advanced, proven and certified

Airbus’ A400M is a success story more than 15 years in the making. Launched in 2003 to respond to the combined needs of multiple European nations, this next-generation airlifter entered service a decade later and has since demonstrated unmatched versatility on military and humanitarian missions around the globe.

Production and delivery of the milestone 100th aircraft is a major milestone for the A400M, which to date has been provided to the military forces of France, Germany, Malaysia, the UK, Spain and Turkey – with future deliveries planned for Belgium and Luxembourg, as well.

Airbus sites supporting production of the 100th A400M


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