The A350 offers the ultimate passenger experience even on the longest of flights. Its innovative design delivers a true feeling of spaciousness, with wide seats, high ceilings and alluring ambient lighting. 


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The A350 Family has two versions: the A350-900, and the longer fuselage A350-1000. A350s fly efficiently on any sector from short-haul to ultra-long-haul routes up to 9,700nm, carrying 300-410 passengers in typical three-class configurations, and up to 480 passengers in a single-class layout.

The A350’s cabin advanced technology delivers high air quality – renewing the air every two-to-three minutes, and precisely controlling temperature and humidity. Passengers can relax knowing that Airbus can arrive at their destination feeling fresh and relaxed.

Integrated connectivity lets travellers stay in touch with the rest of the world, while smart galleys and comfortable crew rest areas provide the cabin personnel with a pleasant working environment – making it even easier to look after the well-being of passengers.

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A350 around the world

A350 Airbus world tour in Americas sea from windows cabin
A350 Airbus world tour in Americas in flight above Bogota city
A350-1000 Airbus flying above Sydney Demonstration Tour

from nose to tail

The A350 Family benefits from cutting-edge aerodynamics that provide a smooth ride for passengers and increased efficiency for airline operators. Its airframe uses more than 70% advanced materials such as composites, titanium, and modern aluminium alloys to create a lighter and more cost-efficient aircraft, while increasing resistance to corrosion and reducing maintenance.

The A350 is truly innovative, from the wing design that morphs and changes shape in flight for optimal efficiency to the Airbus-pioneered fly-by-wire flight controls and onboard systems for reduced pilot workload.

The A350 is powered by two Trent XWB turbofan engines that result from a very close collaboration between Airbus and the powerplant’s manufacturer, Rolls-Royce. The Trent XWB is the world's most efficient large aero-engine, using the best technology and materials while benefiting from more than 70 million hours of in-service experience with various Trent versions in airline operation.

The combination of these advantages results in 25%lower fuel burn and CO2 emissions for the A350 Family, which is better for the environment and underscores Airbus’ commitment to improving the sustainability of air travel.

An exclusive in-flight

The A350 revolutionised the concept of aircraft cabin interiors by introducing Airbus’ AirspaceTM design – which is now used across the company’s product line of commercial aircraft. 

As the founding member of the AirspaceTM cabin family, Airbus’ A350 lets passengers experience a feeling of on-board comfort creating the perfect environment to enjoy flying to any long-haul destination.

The innovative AirspaceTM design delivers a sense of spaciousness with wider seats, high ceilings, and alluring ambient lighting. 

The A350’s cabin is also the quietest on a twin-aisle aircraft, and its advanced technology delivers the highest possible air quality with optimised cabin altitude (6,000 ft.), optimum temperature and humidity, with the air being renewed every two to three minutes. 

Long journeys pass quickly with the latest-generation in-flight experience. Integrated connectivity on the A350 lets passengers stay in touch with the rest of the world.


A350 Cabin

Sunrise and sunset on A350

A350 sunset on sharklet
A350-900 Airbus on the ground Canada sunset

Enhancing cabin
crews’ experience

It’s not only passengers who benefit from Airbus’ innovations in comfort and design. Cabin crews can enjoy working in an environment optimised to make their job as efficient as possible. Smart galleys facilitate the preparation and service of in-flight meals, while crew members also benefit from comfortable rest areas that are dedicated for their use.

Overall, the Airspace cabin optimises the in-flight experience – continuing Airbus’ commitment to providing the most comfortable cabin in the skies for passengers and crew. Airbus has produced the perfect environment in which to enjoy flying to any long-haul destination.

Crew FAP experience in A350 Airspace cabin

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Find out how the A350 Family's clean-sheet design benefits operators

Less Operating Cost. More Capabilities.

Lower your costs and increase profit generation capabilities with the A350, versus direct competition.

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Less Weight. Less Fuel. More Sustainable.

Improve your environmental footprint with the A350. The most eco-efficient aircraft in its category with 25% less fuel burn and CO2 emissions per seat.


More Commonality. Better Integration.

Reduce your upfront investment, lower your training effort and costs by simplifying your operations with the A350s commonality.

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