Widebody comfort and continuous innovation come together in the A330 Family, circling the world in operations that vary from passenger, freight and VIP flights to military transport and aerial refuelling.

The versatile Family

Discover all the features that make the A330neo the most versatile widebody aircraft currently flying routes ranging from 20 minutes to over 17 hours.

The A330neo version was launched in 2014. It provides lower operating costs by bringing together enhanced wing technologies from the A350 with highly efficient Rolls-Royce Trent 7000 engines.

The A330neo also incorporates Airbus’ Airspace™ cabin, the quietest and most comfortable in its category. The wide fuselage cross-section of the A330neo ensures that travellers benefit from an abundance of personal space, with wider seats and the Airspace cabin providing a high level of comfort and relaxation to the longest flights – even in economy.

The latest A330neo version brings a double-digit reduction in fuel burn CO2 emissions, meeting Airbus' commitment to making air transportation more sustainable.

In addition to the passenger versions, the versatile A330 Family also serves as a modern widebody freighter, a corporate jet and is deployed by military forces around the world in its Multi Role Tanker Transport (A330 MRTT) variants.

Infographic A330neo Family

Allow our dedicated A330 experts to take you behind the scenes, highlighting the engineering, innovation, and creativity of the A330neo, from its new high-span wing and Trent 7000 engines to its state-of-the-art cockpit and award-winning Airspace cabin.

A330neo : The Heir Apparent - Trailer

An Airbus Original series that explores the A330neo from the perspective of experts and customers.

Efficiency through 


For the many customers that already fly A330 aircraft, the A330neo is a seamless and low-risk replacement. The A330neo retains commonality across 95% of its parts and 85% of its tooling by value, allowing ground and maintenance operations to continue seamlessly with both aircraft types. 

The same crews that currently fly A330s can easily transition to the A330neo after just a half-day of training as the same type rating applies to both versions.  

Additionally, the A330 shares a common type rating with the A350. Pilots can fly both aircraft types under one single license, requiring only 8 days training, This commonality – unique to Airbus – brings operational advantages as well as flexibility in the training and deployment of personnel.

Cabin comfort and

The A330’s modern cabin enables the installation of Airbus-standard wide seats that bring a high level of comfort and relaxation to long-haul flights – even in economy. 

Ambient lighting options add to the A330’s stylish cabin design and help counter the effects of jetlag.

The A330’s cross-section sizing also enables its lower-deck cargo holds to accommodate industry-standard LD3 containers and freight pallets.

A330neo cabin

Modern technology

The A330 benefits from the combination of flight-by-wire technology (also used on the A220, A320 and A350 aircraft), with modern onboard systems and excellent aerodynamics for a proven, highly productive aircraft. 

As a result, the A330 seamlessly complements the top-of-the-line widebody A350, offering a similar passenger experience, while pilots can fly both types interchangeably thanks to a Common Type Rating.

A330-900neo-and-A350-900 AIB Tarmac

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