Paris, 23 May 2024 – Airbus has announced plans to establish a Tech Hub in Japan. The new initiative is designed to develop partnerships in the country to advance research, technology and innovation in aerospace and push boundaries to prepare for the next generation of aircraft. The new Airbus Tech Hub, coordinated from Tokyo, will focus on three key research areas, including the development of new materials, decarbonisation technologies, robotics and automation.

The launch of the Airbus Tech Hub is supported by the Japanese and French governments and was announced during Viva Technology 2024 in Paris. The event is one of the world’s largest technology exhibitions and this year features Japan as the country of honour.

In attendance were representatives from the Japan Embassy in France, the French Directorate-General for Civil Aviation (DGAC), the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), and Airbus.

“We welcome the establishment of Airbus Tech Hub in Japan. Based on technologies from Japan, we can contribute to the international community by working together to address social issues such as the decarbonisation of the aviation industry, and we hope that Airbus Tech Hub in Japan will play an important role in this,” said Yoshio Ando, Deputy Chief of Mission, Minister, Embassy of Japan in France.

“We believe that Airbus Tech Hub in Japan will bring together aerospace professionals to create a collaborative environment that reinforces cooperation aimed at building a robust future aviation ecosystem,” said Ravo Randria, Senior Manager cooperation Americas, Japan DGAC.

“We are proud to have launched the Airbus Tech Hub in Japan in close partnership with DGAC and METI. Airbus sees Japan as a key country for future partnerships. The launch of the Airbus Tech Hub reflects our commitment to building further on our presence in the country.” said Sabine Klauke, Chief Technology Officer Airbus.

The Airbus Tech Hub in Japan is part of a global network developed by the European manufacturer, with similar ventures already launched this year in Singapore and the Netherlands. The Tech Hubs aim to foster collaboration among Airbus global R&T teams, industry leaders, local research communities, industry, and academic institutions, creating strong communities pushing boundaries in aerospace technology and preparing the future of aviation.

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