We work for those who make the world a safer place - from military personnel, police officers and firefighters to medical evacuation teams and climate scientists - all who rely on Airbus Defence and Space solutions to fulfil their missions. Discover the impact of Airbus products in creating a more resilient planet.

Aerospace and defence solutions for the benefit of society

The missions of Airbus Defence and Space customers help to protect others, improve life on Earth and advance our knowledge of the universe.


Protecting citizens and fostering Europe’s strategic autonomy

Our products and services are essential for those who keep people safe. We help to protect citizens, defend sovereignty and advance global security. Our aerospace technology and defence solutions are necessary for those who safeguard Europe’s citizens and strategic autonomy daily.

#EurofighterNextGen - Taking the Eurofighter to the next level

The A400M: A force for global security and humanitarian aid

Stronger together: Spanish and German Eurofighters secure Baltic skies

C295 Colombia

The C295 pilots' perspective: evacuating the missing children from the Colombian jungle

A400M in Sudan - © Jean-Luc BRUNET / armée de l'Air et l'Espace

A400M in Sudan: Playing a crucial role in the evacuation of foreign citizens

Air Defender 23 demonstrates transatlantic partnership

For those who

Aero Evacuation: lifesaving missions with military aircraft

Navigation Satellite

Europe’s Galileo satellites show the way

The secrets of modern navigation and its applications on Earth


Providing urgent help

Airbus’ products and services are used in some of the most critical missions. Read more

Pleiades-Earth protection

Disasters: How Earth observation satellites help guide emergency workers

Airbus’ military aircraft flight test team pushes the limits and beyond

Airbus’ military aircraft flight test team pushes the limits and beyond

End to end firefighting support with Airbus solutions

Airbus C295: Africa’s standard military transport

C295 - A day with the Senegalese Air Force


Pioneering technologies to connect, unite and advance science

Pioneering is hardwired into the Airbus DNA. We push technological boundaries for those who protect people, serve communities, contribute to global development and explore space for a better tomorrow on Earth.  

Triad MetOp SG

Weather forecasting, from space to your smartphone

The MetOp-Second Generation weather satellites are on their way

Defending truth in the digital age

Separating fact from fiction in the digital age

FCAS - Enter the Internet of Military Things

Future Combat Air System (FCAS) - Enter the Internet of Military Things


JUICE, searching for life on Jupiter’s icy moons

Euclid Key Visual

Euclid, the space telescope aiming to unlock the secrets of the Universe

Mars Express

Discover the planet Mars and learn about upcoming missions

Aerial refuelling without human intervention


Protecting our planet and enabling climate action

Airbus Earth-observation solutions monitor deforestation, analyse the sea-level rises and ensure global food security by providing actionable, near-real-time insights. At any moment, 20 of our satellites are involved in monitoring our planet’s state, helping to combat climate change. 


For those who feed the world, our satellites help to shape responsible agriculture

Farmers face many challenges: guaranteeing food security, reducing agriculture's environmental impact and preserving natural resources. Learn more about how satellite imagery helps them to change their practices thanks to precise insights on crops.

Cryosat visual

Cryosat-2 and Copernicus satellites: unlocking climate action

The ever-evolving aerospace technology for Earth observation enables scientists like Anna Hogg to measure the speed of ice melting in the polar regions and provide key insights on climate change. Europe’s Copernicus Sentinel satellites provide vast amount

For those who care about the Earth: our satellites provide key data for climate models 

The Earth Clouds, Aerosols and Radiation Explorer Mission (EarthCARE) will  look at how clouds and aerosols reflect temperatures on Earth.

Visual Triade EarthCARE

EarthCARE scientists put their heads in the clouds to explore their climate impact

An Airbus-built satellite is about to start studying the regulating effects of clouds, aerosols and radiation

EarthCARE, when a satellite sheds light on the clouds

EarthCARE successfully completed its latest tests


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