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Airbus pioneers the future of aerospace, but also shapes the future of workplaces. We care about humans and our people carry a unique combination of passion, excellence and skills. To help bring out the best in you and dive into your new work environment, we have created an onboarding section tailored for your needs.

Let’s get you to rock your new job!

Let’s get you to rock your new job!

  • Before your first day at Airbus

    Before your first day

    Release the pressure and get organized so you arrive on your first day relaxed and ready to go.

    Get ready
  • Your first day at Airbus

    On your first day

    Discover the programme we designed for your first day and get familiar with your new workplace.

    Check the schedule
  • Airbus logo ambiance site entrance

    Your Airbus Site

    Have a sneak peek at your campus and discover the perks Airbus employees based in this location can access.

    Discover your campus
  • Onboarding - Help & Support

    Help & Support Contacts

    Find the right person to ask your questions related to MyPulse, HR subjects, or any medical services available on site.

    Find the right interlocutor
  • Onboarding FAQ

    Onboarding FAQ

    Access additional information related to your onboarding journey through a practical FAQ.

    Read the FAQ