Your first day

Start an exciting journey

Your first day at Airbus

A new adventure starts today

Welcome on board

What an exciting time! Your journey within Airbus starts today. Get ready for your first day activities through this checklist.

Your first day illustration onboarding (infographic)

Your first day invitation

Your manager or HR team will communicate your start date and time as well as the location the week before your 1st day. If you need their contact details, ask the HR person who handled your contract or your temporary agency.

You can also find all useful information in your myPULSE dashboard or via your temporary agency.

To access your Airbus site, you will have to provide requested documents and collect your badge.

Any piece of work equipment will be collected shortly after your arrival.

Gather requested documents beforehand

Mandatory documents

To start your new job in the best conditions, prepare in advance the mandatory documents you will have to show on your first day. These documents will, among other things, help you get your security badge at the Welcome Badge Office.

ID Document

You can bring either your Passport or your National Identity Card

Specific documents for foreign workers

You must provide a Work permit / Visa / Permanent residence card or any document proving that you’re eligible to work in France to be able to start employment.

Your building number

This is the building number in which you will work. If you don’t know it, ask your manager to provide it to you.

Get your badge

Create your badge in advance

If you belong to an Airbus Commercial or an Aircraft site (check your contract to find out), simply send your picture and follow the steps described here, then collect it on your first day.

Go to your badge office onboarding process (infographic)

Pick up your temporary or permanent badge at the Welcome Badge Office

Before meeting your team, you must pick up your badge at the security badge office. With the required documents listed above, your picture can be taken on the spot and your badge created right away.

Get your badge onboarding (infographic)

Wear your badge at all times!

Your personal ID badge is multi-function. It enables you to access the different sites & buildings, manage your working time, pay your meals at the canteen & print documents via the follow-you option.

Airbus badge illustration
Team presentation onboarding (infographic)

Meet your team

Once you have collected your permanent or temporary badge, it is time to contact your pick up - either they are your manager or a volunteer. They will walk you to your new building where you will be able to meet your new colleagues ! 

We know there will be a lot of new people to meet on your first day, so take your time to meet people gradually during your first month. 

Pro tip : Repeating people’s names 3 times out loud is a great technique to help memorize them.  

Lunch with colleagues onboarding (infographic)

Your lunch break

Good to know

Airbus sites have several canteens, so many people have their favorites. You can have a sneak peek at the cantines locations next to your future workplace on the Campus by Airbus mobile app.

You can eat in, but you can also grab a take away. You choose.

To pay for your meal, they accept cash and most accept cards. In the long run, the simplest is to put money on your badge. You can do so on machines at the entrance of each canteen, or on the Web (for some Airbus sites). 

Office presentation onboarding (infographic)

Get to know your new role and your new environment

Your manager or buddy will show you around. Printer, lockers, bathroom, parking, coffee machine, cafeteria, canteen, infirmary, nearby campus perks (Airbus bus, gym, optician…) Your surroundings will hold no secret for you.

They will also give you an overview of:

- Department introduction
- Organization chart
- Product Service Line presentation
- Team’s role, objectives…
- Team rituals & processes
- Project presentation
- Your role
- Tools & equipments

Don’t hesitate to prepare questions beforehand.


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