Onboarding - Help and Support

Here to guide you, at every step of the way.

Onboarding - Help & Support

Find the right person to assist you

Onboarding contacts

Facing difficulties during your pre-boarding or onboarding? Identify the contact that may help you, depending on your si

For general topics

The person best placed to help you is your manager. He or she may answer your questions or direct you to the most relevant person.

You can also turn towards your dedicated buddy (a team member who helps you out through your onboarding). If you don’t have one, ask your team members who would be keen to be your buddy.

Information Technology (IT)

Having an issue with MyPULSE, security clearance, your Airbus account, software, or hardware? You can directly get in touch with the IT helpdesk:

Germany +49 30 31 17 40 44
France +33 1 57 32 48 05
UK +44 20 35 64 96 90
Spain +34 9 36 20 78 56 
Canada +1 514-855-5001 - 48666

Human Resources (HR)

Any questions related to HR topics you can use our HR chatbot “Ask HR” or contact your Human Resource Business Partner (HRBP) if you do not find your answer. The HPBP is the person who took care of your contract, their name can be found in myHR (internal HR tool).

You’re on a temporary contract? Temporary agencies will provide the HR information and will be your contact point.

Medical services

During your pre-boarding or onboarding, you will have to undergo a health check. A formal invitation sent by email will inform you of the day of the check-up, the name of your work doctor as well as the location to go to. 
You’re on a temporary contract? Temporary agencies will provide the medical information and will be your contact point.

Emergency numbers

Something requires urgent help onsite? Get in touch with Airbus emergency services. Use local phones to reach them, a red landline phone on the wall.

Always contact Airbus emergency services first because they can be there faster than external firemen.

You will find in the internal HUB a dedicated section “Local Services” that will provide you with local emergencies numbers and procedures.