Your onboarding journey

What to expect from your early days with us.

The onboarding process

Welcome and be guided to success

To set the tone of your career at Airbus and facilitate your integration, we have created an onboarding process including several activities, events and tasks grouped into 5 categories:

- Company
- Human Resources
- Team
- Tools
- Practical services

Completing those steps can take up to a month. A necessary time to fully immerse yourself in your team, get to know your environment, and acquire all the knowledge you need to carry out your daily work. 

Your onboarding in a few steps

A structured process

Find all the information you need

The big moment has arrived! Before you set off on your missions, take a look at the intranet pages we have created for you. You'll find all the information and links you need to get started.

Onboarding journey

Time for orientation and training

For all newcomers, we have created tasks to help you tackle all aspects of your new work routine. Those tasks will be assigned to you on your 1st day. Don’t hesitate to ask for help if needed!

Onboarding journey

Check in with your teammates

There's nothing like talking to people to settle in. In the first weeks after your arrival, you will take part in physical or digital events on various subjects, allowing you to network with speakers.

Onboarding journey

They are involved in your integration

Onboarding actors

Ready to dive into your new role? Identify the people who play a part in your onboarding and what they can do for you.

Your team

Your manager
Your manager will introduce Airbus to you at a local level (department, team, projects, tools, processes…). He or she is also in charge of preparing your work setup (laptop, mobile, equipment, tools). This can take quite some time so you will likely finalise this activity when joining Airbus.

Don't know who your manager is? Contact the HR person who interviewed you during the recruitment phase or your temporary agency.

Your buddy is the person who will guide you through your onboarding phase. If your manager hasn’t picked one, you can ask a team mate to be your buddy.

Human Resources (HR)

Human Resource Business Partner (HRBP)
The Human Resource Business Partner (HRBP) takes care of the contract phase. If you have any questions related to HR (eg. issue with the contract, security clearance, finding out who your manager is…), contact your HRBP.

Don't have your HRBP details ? Ask them from the HR person you were in contact with during your recruitment phase.

Local HR and HR representatives
You may also meet your local HR during your journey. Their role is to assist the HRBP.
To introduce you to Airbus at a high level, you will also be in contact with HR representatives who will organise physical or digital onboarding events.

Information Management (IM)

IM representatives
They focus on digital identity, software access, and hardware’s management.

IT helpdesk
If you need support with your security clearance, account, software and hardware contact them:

Germany +49 30 31 17 40 44
France +33 1 57 32 48 05
UK +44 20 35 64 96 90
Spain +34 9 36 20 78 56 
Canada +1 514-855-5001 - 48666

Welcome Badge office

The Badge offices are located at  Airbus reception desks, you will find one at each Airbus site’s main entrance. This is why they're sometimes referred to as Welcome desks.
Their staff are also in charge of delivering and managing badges (permanent, temporary…), hence Badge office.
Some Badge offices are also Security buildings if their staff handles parking passes and accesses.
Any badge related request is handled by the Badge office.