Since the start of the war in Ukraine, Airbus, its employees and the Airbus Foundation have rallied together to rapidly bring support to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. 


Through the Airbus Foundation, we are supporting emergency relief flights in response to requests from NGO partners such as:

  • the French Crisis Centre for whom the Foundation transported 37T of essential shelter supplies such as tents, camp beds and sleeping bags from France to Moldova to respond to the need for temporary shelter for Ukrainian refugees crossing the border. 
  • the World Health Organisation (WHO) for whom the Foundation transported 23T of aid including medicine, surgical material, surgery instruments, refrigerators & freezers, from the WHO's hub to Warsaw in Poland. 

Recognising that women, children and older people currently form the majority of the Ukrainian refugee population, Airbus Poland has partnered with a local NGO that provides women and children with shelter and essential supplies. Airbus Poland employees gathered a collection of goods according to the NGO's needs. Additionally, Airbus Defence & Space procurement and logistic teams responded swiftly to redirect our standard supply chain routes between Seville and Warsaw to transport several tons of sleeping bags and shoes by truck to the same organisation. Airbus has also provided its employees with donation links to the Airbus Foundation Fund and the Ukraine-specific fundraising appeals launched by the Airbus Foundation's humanitarian partners.