Airbus is the go-to supplier for end-to-end Earth observation satellite systems and High-Altitude Platform Stations. Its comprehensive portfolio means Airbus is able to provide the right satellite and system for every customer – whether they need a weather-independent data source, a small constellation for high-frequency revisits, very high-resolution imagery or even all of the above (and more) in a single system.

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                                                 Optical earth observation satellites

S250 optical

This small satellite is a perfect solution for constellation operations designed for optimised revisit cycles It benefits from Airbus’ experience in constellation design and production, embedding electric propulsion and flight-proven new space equipment

  • Massive acquisition capacity
  • Versatile acquisition modes
  • Enhanced ground segment reduces time from image request to information access
  • Can be operated alone or in constellation for an increased revisit rate 



S450 optical

A follow-on design to numerous satellites in operation today, its substantial heritage makes this satellite highly attractive

  • The benchmark satellite for VHR applications
  • Combines the advantages of a low-mass system with the strong performance of a larger platform

S950 optical

  • Highest resolution combined with the most accurate geolocation
  • Ultimate reactivity: High satellite agility coupled with state-of-the-art ground segment
  • Selected for Airbus’ own Pléiades Neo 2-satellite constellation

Flight proven

Relying on the flight-proven NAOMI optical instruments, all of the optical satellites can achieve high-end optical performance and image quality standards at resolutions down to a sub-metric class.

                                                  Radar earth observation satellites

S250 radar

This satellite benefits from Airbus’ experience in constellation design and production, embedding electric propulsion and flight-proven new space equipment

  • Excellent agility and image performance
  • Optimised revisit rates
  • Simplified common operations for S250 radar/ optical constellations

S850 radar

A high-power satellite offering extensive SAR capabilities, relying on proven technologies

  • Ability to monitor a high number of targets with frequent revisit
  • Enhanced performance in a single pass

25 VHR images within a 100x100km² theater 


Zephyr – HAPS for Earth Observation

Zephyr provides complementary capabilities and delivers added value to satellite and drone assets. Additionally, Zephyr can support the creation of new markets through the provision of persistent and high resolution imagery.

Zephyr’s design provides the ability and flexibility to integrate a number of different payloads onto the platform. The integration of ISR and communications payloads will enhance decision making and situational awareness, based upon real-time, dependable and consistent evidence.

Our value proposition for Earth Observation is built upon Airbus intelligence’s 30 years of experience, leveraging specialist competencies from across Airbus to offer an optimal end-to-end service delivery capability.

OPAZ is the Airbus in-house Earth Observation payload, flight proven in the stratosphere. It delivers imagery and video in real time. The Electro Optical (EO) sensor provides 18cm resolution, while the Infra-Red allows for night and day operations.

OPAZ is a unique asset for change detection and monitoring, supporting early detection to raise alerts to manned assets.

More on Zephyr here.

                                                                                  Zephyr’s Use Cases for Earth Observation


Convoy Protection


Mapping and Smart Cities



                                                          Earth Observation satellites


Pléiades Neo

First-rate performance for trusted intelligence



Very-high-resolution Earth observation satellite built for the government and Space Agency of Peru


Vietnam’s first remote sensing satellite

SSOT FASat Charlie

Chile’s first high-resolution operational Earth observation system


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