As a leading European supplier of Space Power Solutions, Airbus has extensive expertise in the supply of electric propulsion systems. The company offers a comprehensive range of electronics for electric propulsion, including power control and power processing units.

Elektro PPU HET

The Power Processing Unit is the central part pf the Elextric Propulsion System (EPS). It provides Power conditioning and control for the Hall Efect Thrusters and the Xenon Flow Assembly.

Download Datasheet ELEKTRO PPU NG1


Elektro PPU NG2

The Power Processing Unit (PPU) is the central component of the Electric propulsion System (EPS). It provides power conditioning end control for Hall Effect Thruster and the Fluidic Management System (Xenon/Krypton).

Building on the success of current Elektro NG1 and PureLine TOPAZ products, PPU NG2 is a reliable, innovative, versatile and modular New Space unit for thrusters from 1kW to 20kW.

Download Datasheet ELEKTRO PPU NG2


PureLine Topaz/THORs

The PureLine series was initially developed for constellation applications with large quantities, paving the way to offer disruptive unit prices while keeping high quality products. This approach can now be extended to global satellite applications.



The PureLine Topaz/THORs subsystem offers an end-toend solution for the satellite electric propulsion, in our most compact, innovative and flexible design ever. Specifically tailored to New Space types of applications, it features a lifetime of 10 years in LEO, with latch-up-free parts and error protection. Topaz/THORs is well suited for orbit raising, station keeping and deorbiting maneuvers.

Download Datasheet PureLine Topaz / THORs


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