High Performance Radiator technology (HiPeR)

To address the challenges with thermal control in space, Airbus has developed the HiPeR product range, ranging from thermal straps (Flexlinks) to radiator panels and doublers. HiPeR is a high performance, customizable, low cost and easily installable flexible film radiator technology, optimized for application in space.

  • HiPeR Flexlinks: these are thermal straps with unprecedented capability to conduct heat on-board spacecraft. Highly flexible and with a conductance-to-mass ratio (W/K per kg) three to five times higher than traditional solutions, the thermal straps offer a versatile solution for thermal control requirements, while being mechanically decoupled. For more information about our thermal straps, please visit our webpage. 
  • HiPeR Radiators: provide high design flexibility through their low mass and low stiffness performance. They can be used to complement or replace traditional radiators.  In doing so, they enable optimized designs along mechanical and thermal properties without infringing one or the other.

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