Electronics on Ariane 5 & VEGA

Sequential electronics (Ariane 5):

  • Effectors driving, including EVs for cryogenic engines
  • Loop closure commands
  • Part of the pyrotechnical chain
  • >470 FMs delivered

Turbo-pump speed conditioner (Ariane 5):

  • Measures the rotation speed of HM7b’s turbo-pump
  • 29 FMs delivered

Multi-functional unit (VEGA):

  • 1553 Bus Repeater
  • Power source – Ground / On-board – management
  • Avionics’ power distribution
  • Effectors’ driving
  • Safety Management
  • 18 FMs delivered

Upper stage harness:

  • Equipped AVUM avionics module

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Ariane 5

Electronics on Ariane 6 & Vega-C

Centralized Multi-Functional Unit (CMFU) (Ariane 6):

  • On-board computers (functional and telemetry), based on ARM Cortex R5 microprocessor
  • Time-triggered ethernet switch
  • Electro-valves and loop closure commands
  • Power distribution

Pyrotechnical Firing Unit (PFU) (Ariane 6):

  • Electro-Explosive Devices (EED) commands
  • Laser-Initiated Devices (LID) commands
  • Includes all the safety barriers

Batteries (Ariane 6):

  • Product based on commercial cells
  • High production rate
  • Batteries assembly facility for Ariane 6 fully operational in 2023
Ariane 6

Multi-functional unit (VEGA-C):

Based on Airbus Defence and Space heritage in the development of launch vehicles MFUs, this MFU has been specifically developed for VEGA-C, although its modular concept would allow the reuse of modules in other launchers.

Key assets:

  • 1553 bus repeater
  • Power source – ground / onboard – management. Interfaces with 7 different batteries
  • Avionics’ power distribution
  • Effectors’ driving (electro-valves, loop closure commands, EEDs, NEAs)
  • Wide range of payload services (Electrical orders, NEAs, 1553 bus…)
  • Safety function management
  • Interface with ground control bench by means of RS-422


Upper stage harness (VEGA-C):

  • Most of the DC harness in VEGA-C’s upper stage (AVUM)
  • The entire MIL-STD-1553B harness in the launcher (all the stages)
  • Routing in the 3D electronic mock-up
  • 58 wire bundles

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Launchers MFUs