As Airbus strives to inspire more women to join the aviation industry, Girls in Aviation Day is the occasion to focus on the future generation of aviation enthusiasts. Taking stock of the partnerships, mentoring initiatives and support networks the Company has launched over the past few years, aeronautics professionals and Airbus employees - Diane, Lisa, and Dawn - share their insight on what more can be done to encourage girls and boys to explore the opportunities awaiting them in the sector.

Lisa Cros, machining technician as part of the Centre of Excellence Rotors & Transmissions at Airbus Helicopters, Diane Dollar, professional pilot and founder of Forever on the Fly, and Dawn Kolbet, senior aircraft technician at Airbus Helicopters, Inc. are all pioneering the aviation industry. From their first steps in aeronautics to their commitment to laying down the path for more women to join the sector, their stories resonate with many, including those at Airbus. 

In contributing to this objective, the Company strives to provide employees with the tools and programmes that will enable them to thrive in their working environment. From transitioning back into work after becoming a parent with “Fly Again” in India, to developing local mentorship opportunities and setting targets for women’s career development opportunities, Airbus has created strong support networks that are key to reducing gender inequalities in the workplace.

In addition to providing these resources for employees, Airbus also extends its outreach to local communities by encouraging them to learn more about the adventures they could embark on within the aviation industry. Thanks to partnerships with organisations that share this goal, such as Elles Bougent in France or the MINT Club in Germany, and its participation in dedicated events around the globe, including the Women in Aviation Conference in the US and the Semaine de l’Industrie in France, Airbus seeks to reach out to more young people thinking about pursuing a career in aviation. 

Creating a more inclusive environment is a goal shared by many, including Lisa, Diane and Dawn - three inspiring women who are shaping the landscape of aviation.

Discover Lisa, Diane and Dawn’s journeys

Lisa Cros

Machining Technician, Airbus Helicopters in Marignane

Having completed her studies at Lycée Airbus, then an apprenticeship at Airbus Helicopters Marignane, Lisa is now contributing to the manufacturing process at Airbus Helicopters, where she works as a technician as part of the Centre of Excellence Rotors & Transmissions team.

Diane Dollar

Professional pilot and founder of Forever on the Fly and Dare to Dream

Diane Dollar is changing the landscape of flight. In addition to performing numerous missions as a professional pilot, she has forged initiatives to encourage, inspire and engage a broad spectrum of aspiring pilots, and is currently planting the seed to make this type of mentorship more accessible to all.

Dawn Kolbet

Senior Aircraft Technician, Airbus Helicopters in Columbus, Mississippi

Dawn is a senior aircraft technician at Airbus whose career within the aviation sector has seen a fusion of her propensity for all things technical and a desire to fly. Her career, which spans 30 years, started in the US Navy, where she firmly situated herself as the only woman in her team.