ith more than 25 years of experience in Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), Survey Copter, a fully owned Airbus subsidiary since 2011, is a global pioneer in the design, production and operational support of Small Tactical UAS.

Having developed a strong understanding of customers’ challenges, our small tactical UAS portfolio is adapted to fulfil military, institutional and civil missions including long-lasting surveillance, inspection and security of critical infrastructures. The expertise across the Survey Copter team enables continuous innovation, updating current technologies to meet market demand and stay up to date with market advancements.

In addition to the design, production and delivery of our systems, Survey Copter offers a comprehensive support package, from training and maintenance to overall turnkey services, ensuring maximum availability and meeting customer needs.

Having a leading position in the military and security domains enables advanced development of safe, reliable and certified UAS systems, continually expanding the presence and expertise of the small tactical portfolio in civil and institutional markets.

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Product Portfolio

The Small Tactical UAS portfolio consists of the Aliaca Evo, Aliaca ER, CAPA-X and DVF 2000 ER.

Aliaca line

“Maritime at heart, global in mind”

Aliaca is perfectly adapted to perform ISR, protection or monitoring missions on land, coastal or maritime environments. With its maritime experience of more than ten years, the Aliaca has become a key asset to ensure world security and protection of our seas, with the ever changing maritime environment. Aliaca is the result of 10 years of R&D investment and on-board experimentation. The system Operating small tactical maritime UAS enables navies around the world to control tactical missions with efficiency, programmed and manoeuvre with accuracy to precise locations, supporting manned assets.  In 2020, the French Defence Procurement Agency (DGA), signed a contract to supply the French Navy (Marine Nationale) with Aliaca systems, along with the associated training and maintenance in operational conditions. The system is currently deployed all around the world in support of the Marine Nationale’s daily missions.

Aliaca is a robust vision tool that enhances the ISR capabilities of, supporting decision making and reactivity in operations. Aliaca can readily respond to missions in demanding environments through launching catapult deployment by only two operators, in under 15 minutes. The system is recovered by a proven, safe, smart and automatic net recovery system, integrated on the ship or on a trailer for land operations. The net recovery system has a small logistic footprint which makes it perfectly suited to be operated onto existing and future naval ships, regardless of size and availability of a helicopter pad. The Aliaca line offers two configurations: an electric configuration (Aliaca Evo) and a thermal configuration (Aliaca ER).

Electrically propelled, the Aliaca Evo can perform missions within a 50 km-range (27 NM) and with a three-hour endurance in total visual and acoustic discretion. The system is equipped with the latest EO/IR (Electro-Optical/Infra-Red) GX5 payload, a gyro-stabilised turret providing the operators with 360⁰ panoramic coverage and high quality imagery, and an Automatic Identification System (AIS) sensor. This enables the Aliaca to effectively carry out missions requiring data gathering on a fixed or mobile target, by day or by night.

The Aliaca ER (Extended Range) is a newer configuration offering double the range—100 km/54 NM—and endurance--six hours—thanks to a new thermal engine (compatible with JET A1, JP5, JP8). In addition to the EO/IR GX5 payload and AIS, the Aliaca ER also integrates a transponder (ADS-B Out) and geo-caging.

Aliaca Family Technical Specifications

Aliaca Mission Capabilities

SpecificationsAliaca EvoAliaca ER
Endurance3 hours6 hours
Range27 NM / 50 km54 NM / 100 km
Payload capacity1.5 kg3 kg
Transponder-ADS-B out
Additional safety function-Geo-caging
Wing Span3.6 m3.6m
MTOW16 kg16 kg
Max ceiling3,000 m3,000 m
Deployment15 minutes15 minutes
Temperature control-10⁰C to +50⁰C-10⁰C to +50⁰C


  • Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR)
  • Border surveillance
  • Coastal surveillance
  • Counter illegal operations at sea - illegal immigration, drug trafficking, illegal fishing, pollution
  • Search and Rescue

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CAPA-X is a flexible drone system that can be easily adapted to a wide range of needs in terms of missions, configuration, airworthiness regulations and sovereignty.

The structure of the drone itself as well as its components can be modified in order to adapt to all types of terrain and missions. It can take-off from a ship as a VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) or as a HTOL (Horizontal Take-Off and Landing) if the customer requires. The possibility of different wing configurations also plays a key role to adapt cruising speeds or increase flight autonomy.

This concept offers flexibility and adaptability at its best for Armies, Navies, Air Forces, Special Forces as well as any entity in the para-public or civilian domain.

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Training Capabilities

A global and comprehensive training package suitable for operating and maintaining the small tactical portfolio is provided by in-house experts.

Why choose small tactical UAS?

  • With a limited footprint, our Small Tactical portfolio can be adapted to the continuously changing customer environment, such as on a ship without a helicopter platform.
Mobility in operations on the go:
  • Simplicity of deployment and full automatic recovery
  • Agile preparations, can be pre-flight checked and deployed within 15 minutes
  • Ease of transportation thanks to the small footprint of our systems
  • Operations in demanding environments, programmed and maneuverer with accuracy and a greater range on movement, compared to manned assets to precise locations
Support to manned assets:

  • Reduces workload and complements manned assets
Reliable, Safe, Certified:   
  • Proven capabilities, adapted to fulfil missions in all conditions, in all environments
  • Quality management system ISO 9001 certified since 2014
  • Experience in the certification of our systems

Ground Control

The Small Tactical UAS common ground station is compact and lightweight. With a small logistical footprint it is flexible for missions on the go, easy to move to locations of need. The GCS is composed of an Aircraft Mission Station (AMS) and Payload Display Unit (PDS) where two operators can prepare and follow missions on the AMS and receive real time data and imagery on the PMS.

The one stop shop

More than just drone systems, you can benefit from customer-tailored services, ranging from training, support and MRO to full turnkey and operational offerings. Your one-stop shop for all small tactical needs.

Our Small Tactical UAS portfolio stretches beyond the offering of an aerial platform. The expertise in small tactical UAS solutions enables the development of all major components to Small Tactical UAS solutions. We provide our customers with comprehensive services (systems delivery, parts, spares, maintenance and training of drone operators and maintenance technicians), additionally offering services to perform overall turnkey missions and support our customers by deploying and operating the systems.

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