With more than 20 years of experience in Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), SURVEY Copter, a fully owned Airbus subsidiary since 2011, is a global pioneer in the design, production and operational support of Small Tactical UAS.

Having developed a strong understanding of customer’s challenges, the small tactical UAS portfolio is adapted to fulfil military, institutional and civil missions including; long-lasting surveillance, inspection and security of critical infrastructures. The expertise across the SURVEY Copter team enables continuous innovation, updating current technologies to meet market demand and stay up to date with market advancements.

SURVEY Copter offer a comprehensive support package, from training and maintenance to overall turnkey services, ensuring maximum availability and meeting customer needs.

Having a leading position in the military and security domains enables advanced developed of safe, reliable and certified UAS systems, continually expanding the presence and expertise of the small tactical portfolio in civil and institutional markets.

Product Portfolio

The Small Tactical UAS portfolio consists of the following three systems, sharing a common Ground Control Station and comprehensive training offering, they are a scalable solution, when your mission capabilities grow, so can your system.

Tracker 120

“When agility and lightweight matters” 

Tracker 120 is a highly proven product with 12 years’ experience and military certifications. Carried in a rucksack and hand-launched, the system is perfectly suited for fast and easy deployment, in under 10 minutes and qualified to operate various types of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions with a range of an endurance capability of 1.5 hours.

This agile and lightweight small tactical UAS is equipped with the EO/IR T120 gyro-stabilised turret, providing real time, high resolution imagery both during the day and at night.

Tracker 120’s electric propulsion system makes operating more efficient and discrete, perfectly suited to missions in demanding environments. Simplicity is the key to recovery, with automatic belly landing for agility and flexibility in landing.

Tracker 120 Technical Features

Wing Span


Operational Range


Maximum Ceiling




Tracker 120 Missions Covered

Intelligence gathering (ISR)

Border protection

Support to special forces and anti-terrorism operations


“Maritime at heart, global in mind”

Aliaca is perfectly adapted to perform ISR, protection or monitoring missions on land, coastal or maritime environments. With its maritime experience of more than ten years, the Aliaca has become a key asset to ensure world security protection of our seas, with the ever changing maritime environment. Operating small tactical maritime UAS enables navies around the world to control tactical missions with efficiency, programmed and manoeuvre with accuracy to precise locations, supporting manned assets.

Aliaca is a robust vision tool that enhances the ISR capabilities of, supporting decision making and reactivity in operations. Aliaca can readily respond to missions in demanding environments through launching catapult deployment by only two operators, in under 15 minutes. The system can be recovered either through skid landing for land applications or by a proven, smart and automatic net recovery system. The net recovery system has a small logistic footprint which makes it perfectly suited to be operated onto existing and future naval ships, regardless of size and availability of a helicopter pad.

Electrically propelled, Aliaca can perform missions with a 50 kms range and three hour endurance in total visual and acoustic discretion. Equipped with the latest EO/IR GX5 payload, a gyro-stabilised turret, installed in a vertical position, providing the UAS with 360⁰ panoramic coverage and high quality imagery. This enables the Aliaca to effectively carry out missions requiring data gathering on a fixed or mobile target, by day or by night.

Aliaca is the result of 10 years R&D invest and on-board experimentation with the French Navy and we are pleased to announce (Add some info in from the SMDM press release when announced).

Aliaca Technical Features

Maximum ceiling


Temperature control

-10⁰C to +50⁰C

Wing span




Aliaca Mission Covered

Counter illegal operations at sea – illegal immigration, drug trafficking, illegal fishing, pollution

Search and Rescue



“Our endurance champion”

DVF2000ER is the latest small tactical UAS to be added to the SURVEY Copter portfolio. Launched in 2018, DVF2000ER is the endurance champion, with seven hour continuous flight, making the system perfectly adapted to perform intelligence gathering missions requiring long-lasting endurance, both in military and civilian applications.

Launched by a pneumatic catapult from prepared or unprepared areas and recovered on a semi-prepared runway. Characterised by visual, radar and acoustic discretion it is a robust system making it a strong asset to carry out various missions in diverse and adverse environments.

The DVF2000ER has a range of over 50 kms and is fitted with the EO/IR GX5 gyro-stabilised payload to capture clear and high resolution images.

DVF2000ER Technical Capabilities

Wing Span




Maximum ceiling

3,000 m


under 30 minutes

DVF2000ER Mission Examples

ISR, including pattern of life

Convoy Protection

Critical infrastructure inspection

Training Capabilities

A global and comprehensive training package suitable for operating and maintaining the small tactical portfolio is provided by in house experts.

Why choose small tactical UAS?

·         Adaptability –

·   Readily integrated upon any naval ship, our Small Tactical portfolio can be adapted to the continuously changing customer environment, such as maritime.

·   Mobility in operations on the go:

·         Simplicity of hand launch and recovery

·         Agile preparations, can be pre-flight checked and deployed from 10 minutes

·         Ease of transportation; carried individually in a rucksack or a small vehicle

·         Accuracy –

·   Operations in demanding environments, programmed and maneuverer with accuracy and a greater range on movement, compared to manned assets to precise locations

·         Support to manned assets –

·   Reduces workload and complements manned assets

·         Reliable, Safe, Certified –

·   Proven capabilities, adapted to fulfil missions in all conditions, in all environments

·   Quality management system ISO 9001 certified since 2014

Ground Control

The Small Tactical UAS common ground station is compact and lightweight, with small logistical footprint it is flexible for missions on the go, easy to move to locations of need. The GCS is composed of an Aircraft Mission Station (AMS) and Payload Display Unit (PDS) where two operators can prepare and follow mission on the AMS and receive real time data and imagery on the PMS.

The one stop shop

EO/IR GX5 Gyro Stabilised Payload

The EO/IR Gyro-stabilised GX5 payload provides real time, full HD video and data capture with electronic video stabilisation, geo-tracking and automatic target tracking. A 30x Optical zoom enables extremely close up intelligence gather, adapted to suit all the Small Tactical UAS solutions.

Our Small Tactical UAS portfolio stretches beyond the offering of an aerial platform: The expertise in small tactical UAS solutions enables the development of all major components to Small Tactical UAS solutions. Providing customers with comprehensive services (systems delivery, parts, spares, maintenance and training of drone operators and maintenance technicians), additionally offering services to perform overall turnkey missions and support our customers by deploying and operating the systems.

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