One of the most critical challenges faced in a congested and contested battlefield is the ability to connect and securely communicate across all domains. 

Additionally, the battlespace has multiple diverse and dynamic data sets with which to interoperate and base decisions on, while data consumption and demand continues to grow. For multi-domain operations it is about having the right information at the right time, enabling the execution of operations with well integrated and resilient capabilities.

To respond to these challenges we are striving for a more integrated, more digitalised, more collaborative and agile operational environment across all domains. Our roadmap for developing new technologies and solutions is focused on and evolves to meet the needs of our customers. 

What is the Multi-Domain Combat Cloud?

The Multi-Domain Combat Cloud is about enhancing defence power through information superiority.

It is a decentralised, cyber-resilient, collaborative information network across air, land, sea, space and cyber domains using cloud-based technologies. It connects nodes for all forces across all domains, enabling real-time intelligence and exchanges. The Multi-Domain Combat Cloud increases effectiveness by providing the right information, at the right asset, at the right time.

The Multi-Domain Combat Cloud means cross-domain integration of heterogeneous platforms, including existing legacy platforms in its evolutionary path.

The game changer for future warfighting

The Multi-Domain Combat Cloud, based on its system-of systems design, will be the strategic game changer for future warfighting, providing a holistic response to threats. It is a step-by-step approach utilising existing elements and solutions to bridge towards future solutions by combining domains from cloud to edge.

The Multi-Domain Combat Cloud enables collaborative combat with manned and unmanned teaming assets across all domains under human supervision, making military operations more efficient and effective.

Accelerating the mission cycle

During mission execution, we ensure higher flexibility and dynamic reactivity to real-time situational change.

The Multi-Domain Combat Cloud enables digitalised, collaborative operations for agile combat across all domains offering:

  • Increased Mission Efficiency: Delivery of the right information with the right asset at the right time
  • Shared Information Space for all Military Actors
  • Engagement of multiple platforms and cyber capabilities
  • Smart Connectivity across and within all domains
  • Advanced application layers in all domains
  • Distributed processing & seamless accessibility for close collaboration
  • The OODA Loop is a situational awareness theory emphasising different phases of the mission cycle: Observe, Orient, Decide and Act.

The Multi-Domain Combat Cloud enables faster loops of the OODA cycle and dramatically improves mission efficiency by impacting each phase of the mission cycle.

  • Multi-Domain Smart Connectivity that enables seamless and secure collaboration across all domains and users. Including services architecture and systems integration capability
  • Secure Cloud Access & IT Infrastructures that enable a shared information environment with trusted accessibility and performance to enable the sharing of data both in a fixed and deployed environment
Accelerating the mission cycle

Capabilities already available from Airbus for each domain

The key capabilities for Multi-Domain Combat are already available. We will take a  step-by-step approach, together with  customers and partners, to develop future collaborative solutions in all domains.

Air Domain


Future Combat Air System , connecting assets for next generation Air Power

Land Domain

Land Domain

A connectable Land Combat Cloud based on an intelligent open service architecture 

Sea Domain

Sea Domain

Smart, seamless and secure ship-to-shore, ship-to-ship and inter-domain connectivity 

Space Domain

Space Domain

Dependable, resilient satellite communications and space-based ISR 

Cyber Domain

Cyber Domain

End-to-end dynamic protection and advanced cyber capabilities 

Enhancing defence power through information superiority

Airbus is working, together with its customers, to guarantee improved interoperability, resilience and sovereignty thanks to affordable andadaptable solutions such as:

  • Secure end-to-end communications  that enable seamless collaboration across all domains and users. Including services architecture and systems integration capability
  • Trusted, cyber resilient, deployable IT infrastructures and fixed networks. Delivered as a system or as a service, utilising the most advanced security to deliver applications with assured accessibility and performance
  • Intelligence, exploitation, surveillance and C2 suite with superior growth potential for future applications
  • Cutting edge Activity Based Intelligence (ABI) solutions incorporating artificial intelligence and machine-learning techniques. Developed through partnerships including  non- traditional industry players
  • Security-by-Design solutions based on an end-to-end approach, continuous improvement and vulnerability tests.

Known for its competency in system of systems, Airbus together with its partners is able to develop flexible and cyber resilient architectures and solutions. As a key player in both the FCAS and AFSC programmes, Airbus is already shaping the future of C2 in  multinational and NATO frameworks.

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