The C295 is the most trusted airlifter in its category, being used either as a single transport type or as a versatile and efficient complement to heavy airlifters and helicopters.


Capable of operating on short or unprepared airstrips, the C295 is used for tactical transport of troops and the required logistic supplies (water, food, ammunition, medical supplies, and spare parts) from the main operating base to forward bases, and among forward locations which are not accessible to heavier aircraft. It also can airdrop paratroops and cargo loads with the use of 88-in.-width platforms and container delivery system (CDS) A22 bundles.

The C295 is designed to provide outstanding low-level flight characteristics for tactical missions, flying at speeds as slow as 110 knots.

In the troop passenger configuration, the C295 accommodates 71 troops or 49 paratroopers and jumpmaster. For cargo transportation, the aircraft’s 12.69-metre-long unobstructed pressurized cabin accepts five standard 88” x 108” pallets or eight A-22 containers. On medical evacuation missions, the C295 can be fitted with 24 stretchers and seven medical attendants. Intensive care configurations also are possible.

More than 30 nations operate the C295 and smaller CN235 light/medium airlifters to complement their C130-class aircraft, including UAE, Brazil, France, Jordan, Malaysia, Morocco, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain and Turkey.


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