With its unmatched versatility demonstrated in a full range of humanitarian missions, the C295 ensures fast emergency response to even the remotest locations in medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) deployments, when every minute counts.


The C295 is capable of operating on short and soft airfields, even those that have suffered damage or offer only minimal infrastructure.

Rapid and simplified loading/unloading is via the large rear ramp, providing unhindered access to the C295’s 12.69-metre-long unobstructed pressurized cabin. In the MEDEVAC role, the cabin accommodates 24 stretchers and seven medical attendants. Intensive care configurations also are possible.

Its rugged design enables operations in the most demanding environments, proven on deployments that include Iraq, Afghanistan, Chad, Haiti, Mali, Sahel and Sinai. High mission availability has been confirmed in actual crisis scenarios, as demonstrated by the 110-plus flight hours logged in one month by a C295 in Mozambique after Cyclone Idai.

Further adding to the aircraft’s value are its hourly operating costs which are less than 50% of other fixed-wing aircraft or helicopter solutions with the same productivity, benefitting from the C295’s simple design and lower spares costs, combined with lower fuel consumption.


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