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The Airbus Berlin Public Affairs team plays a pivotal role in fostering positive relationships between Airbus and key stakeholders in the vibrant city of Berlin. We are proud of the significant presence of Airbus in Germany - with 29 sites all over the country and almost 50,000 colleagues.

Our work is instrumental in advancing disruptive technologies and innovative solutions for the global aviation industry as well as the German aerospace sector. Committed to transparent communication and community engagement, the team operates at the intersection of government relations, corporate communication, and public policy. Leveraging its expertise, the team navigates complex regulatory landscapes, ensuring that

Airbus remains aligned with local policies and values, enhancing Airbus's presence in Berlin while contributing to the overall success of the company's operations in the region.

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Future of flight

Airbus is working on innovative concepts to transform local and long-distance air travel, as well as urban air traffic. We are shaping developments towards the goal of climate-neutral flying in 2050.

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Airbus ZEROe - The world's first zero-emission commercial aircraft


Airbus provides numerous cyber security and public safety solutions, has answers to threats to critical national infrastructures and offers scalable crisis management solutions to keep us safe.

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We are going to help put the next astronaut on the moon using a spaceship propelled by technology made in Germany. We also build Earth observation satellites and use geo-data to combat climate change.

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The Airbus Hub @ Berlin Team

Protrait of Claudia Oeking
Claudia Oeking Head of Public Affairs Germany
Henrik Brethauer
Henrik Brethauer Head of Export Support and Foreign Trade, Chief of Staff
Kevin Amponsah
Kevin Amponsah Content Manager / Parliament Liaison Officer
Oliver Haack
Oliver Haack Director Public Affairs Germany Airbus Commercial
Siegfried Knecht
Siegfried Knecht Head of CTO External Affairs Germany
Viggo Nicolaisen
Viggo Nicolaisen Director Public Affairs Germany Office Bonn
Alexander Renner
Alexander Renner Director Public Affairs Germany Airbus Defence and Space
Christina Reich
Christina Reich Assistant to Head of Airbus Public Affairs Germany - Berlin Office
Lilian Langness
Lilian Langness Assistant Airbus Public Affairs Germany - Bonn Office