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Airbus is vital to France’s aerospace sector, hosting the company’s headquarters and final assembly lines for all commercial aircraft families, with major production sites for helicopters, space, defence, and advanced research thanks to 53,000 Airbus employees in France.

Airbus significantly boosts France’s economy, leading in advanced technologies and job creation. The company exports over €30 billion worth of aeronautical and space products annually and places €16.9  billion in orders with more than 3,400 French suppliers.

Trusted partner of the French State, Airbus, with its subsidiaries, is the first industrial supplier to the DGA and a key player in French and European sovereignty. Airbus provides an extensive range of solutions for the benefit of the French and European armed and security forces.

Decarbonisation, existential for Airbus, is at the heart of our purpose to pioneer a sustainable aerospace for a safe and united world. The Public Affairs team in the heart of Paris, ensures that our company presence and role are known with government bodies, regulatory agencies, industry associations, and key stakeholders.

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Sustainable aviation

Airbus in France is committed to decarbonation and sustainability which are an opportunity to be at the forefront of the ecological transition in a key sector of the economy

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Cooperation is a must

To enable nations to defend their sovereignty, we need a strong European defence industry

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A strategic defence partner of France

Airbus is a French company in France which serves national interests on a European and worldwide scale

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The Airbus Hub @ Paris Team

Fabien Menant Senior Vice President, Head of Public Affairs France
Guy Girier Public Affairs - Military Advisor
Adrien Ricci Public Affairs - Helicopters and Digital
Nathalie Donnard Public Affairs - Commercial and Export
Olivier Lebas Public Affairs - Military Advisor
Jean Sabatay Public Affairs - Governance and M&A
Olivier Masseret Public Affairs - Institutions
François Fourmond Public Affairs - Defence